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Peter Hollis | £15

Kjell | £20

My favorite podcast.

Paul | £5

Norman | £15

i listen to nearly every podcast on my runs. i wish i could donate more

Robert | £50

Dear Nakeds, I'd like to congratulate you for the educative and as well entertaining programs you run. I don't think I missed any of your programs the past 3 years, including the South Africa Q&A show. You definitely managed to ignite in our family a good interest for science. Now we often immerse with our young kids in interesting discussions...exploring and trying to explain various things surrounding us...and we all love it. A big thank you from us. Keep it up please!!!


I'm a young, currently unemployed Evolutionary Biologist living in Munich and have been listening to your amazing podcast every morning on my bike commute for the past two months. Your interviews and scientific conversations thrill the scientist in me and motivate me every day to find a job in the field that I love: Science. Thank you so much!


Thank you from keeping me from going crazy at work.

Derrick Roberts | £10

Peter Stephenson | £10

Thank you for the wonderful attitude you bring to telling us the news about science

Graham | £10

Your explanations are always the pinnacle of clarity

Carrie | £25

Gives me hope for mankind

Bodo | 25 €

I listen to the naked scientists every week since 2014 - I guess. It keeps improving my English as well as my knowledge. AND I have a lot of fun listening!

Malte | £10

By far the best thing comming from the UK at the moment!


Keep going, you are the highlight of my Tuesday night!

Liam Messin | £10

Thanks for the internship in 2016! Such a shame you have collect again

Heath Wilder | A$9

Peter | £10

Your show is fantastic! I love it :)

Vidhu | £10


Elena | 12 €

I love your show. I hope the fundraising will accumulate enough. All the best and fingers crossed! You are doing the best science podcast I ever listened to.

Anshul` Lyon | £10

Chris, Georgia, Izzy and team you do a fantastic job. Well done! This podcast is just right mixture of complexity and simplicity which keeps us informed, interested and curious about science. Range of science topics is wide.

Steven Mushkat | $13

The Q&A shows are my favorites!

Kristian Jensen | £20

You've got to be kidding. Can it really be this hard go collect for the best science podcast around? I gave once already, but obviously more is needed.

Steven | $250

The education you have provided me over the last decade is worth far more than this donation. You've had an extremely substantial effect on my thinking, interests, and love of science. Chris, take a few of these dollars and buy everyone a nice spicy curry! Keep up the good work.

Mattias | 113 €

Bra jobbat! As we would say in Sweden. Diverse and interesting topics, keep it up!

Jihane | A$100


Keep up thw good work, love the show!

Joyce Heard | £100

I was never much interested in science until I discovered your podcast. Thanks to you guys I now find it fascinating.

Robert McIntyre | £10


Harry | A$100