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Dear Naked Scientists, I have been a regular podcast listener to your show since 2010. Thanks for all your work and well done to your team. Wishing you continued success. John.

Shaheen Badat | A$20

Thank you for making me learn all the time and for making the world a better place.


John Clarke | £10

The Naked Scientists is an absolute “must listen”. Keep up the great work!

Cheri Spring | $13

You make science topics so interesting and fun!

ABM Auto Accessories | £5

Thank you from Adelaide, Australia.

Nevena Stojanovic

Thank you for your hard work, enthusiasm and amazing shows! ✨



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Many thanks the team for the passion with science and great content you have been consistently producing.

Geoff Salinger | £25

Pinky Pinkerton | £10

Thank you for the great podcasts

Aaron Noble | £100

Americans could learn a few tips about having fun producing and conquering relevant science and technology. I drink in and absorb every word, down to the last dry joke.

Gordon Hoffman | $128

Your podcasts have been both entertaining and useful. My job in bioscience requires broad knowledge about many topics, so I depend on your podcasts for the latest news and distillation. Well done....and fun!

Proteus Duxbury | £25

Thanks for a very informative year !!


Happy I can donate this year. Love the Christmas show and always listen with my dad as we hide out from 30 degree heat here in Australia and eat curry!

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Ernesto | £25

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Sally Watkins | A$20

Hello Naked Scientists, Thank you for providing me with the highlight of my week every week. I am a sole parent and secondary school teacher. I wish I had more money to donate as your podcasts are so valuable to me. I strive to share with others key information that underlines the impact we are having on our planet (good and bad), that I glean from your podcasts, RN’s The Science Show etc. You people do a great service. Thank you and I hope that you have a safe holiday season and a wonderful New Year, Best Regards, Sally Watkins. Warrandyte, Australia.

Steve Bolin | £20

Robert | £10

Do you realy need to use "mile and gallons etc" surely the SI includes the UK! Rob the Engineer from Australia

James Kemper | A$179

Dear Naked Scientists, Thank you for your wonderful program. We are donating as a family, with four avid listeners from Melbourne, Australia! We have been lucky enough to have several of our questions answered in various shows, and are very appreciative of the professionalism and talent you display in your podcasts. Keep up the good work, and do come and visit us in Australia! Best wishes, Kemper Family

Matthew | £10

Keep up the good work! I enjoy listening to the show from across the pond.