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Josef-Peter Schöggl | 20 €

Niel | 25 €

Love this

Catherine | £10


Erich Moraine | $25

john | £30

Peter Lee | £10

From Western Australia, you keep me sane... podcast in the car... great!

Kevin | £10

Keep up the great work - consistent high quality science - and fun too

Terri | A$10

Listen to your podcasts on my drive to and from work due to the great format. Short sections of information and engaging discussion 😊

Bill | £10

Have loved your programme for years. I listen while gardening and mowing the lawn.

Robert Watson | A$10/M

Been a fan since the beginning and proud to be contributing to first class science reporting monthly

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Thanks very much Naked Scientists, have been listening for a couple of years and enjoy your show very much. All the best.

Simon | £25

Thank you so much for hours and hours of great programs. I listen daily and have started relistening, as I’ve already been through pretty much everything you’ve made! All the best from Denmark.

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Thanks for all your hard works in making such an awesome show, something to look forward to every single week! All the best in another naked scientific year! Jun, China.

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Keep it going, the whole familly loves your show. From 10yo to old


Thanks for the great content - it makes my daily commute something to look forward to!

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Truly a wonderful podcast, thank you

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Dear Naked Scientist Team! I absolutely love your show! Thanks for the awesome work you do and keep it up... otherwise my converstional fodder will become quite dull ;)

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Dear all, thank you for the hard work and great content you are providing! Should you consider in one of your future episode to update listeners on the latest research re bird migration (in particular the orientation of birds in space), that would be greatly appreciated. All the best in 2019 from Prague! Petr

Milos Hlinka | £10

Dear Naked Scientists, especialy Chris. I have been regular podcast listener to your show since 2006. Thanks for all your work and well done to your team. I wish you success in future. Keep up the excellent work. Milos Hlinka, Slovak Republic.


Every week, I look forward to The Naked Scientists. It is, by far, my favorite podcast. Thank you for your hard work.

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Science must survive this dark times

Aidan Shepherd | £25

Thank you so much for all of the amazing work you all put in. It is especially nice for me as I live in Toronto, but was born in Addenbrooke's hospital. Keep up the good work :)

Steve Carter | £10

The Naked Scientist accompanies me on my morning training run. Many thanks for all your enthusiasm and hard work in creating my favourite podcast!