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Holly Bradshaw | $25

Love the show! Best science podcast ever! Don't tell Neil deGrasse Tyson I said that.

Peter Lee | £10

Sean Maher

I enjoy your show immensely - a wonderful diversity of fascinating and relevant topics with informed commentary from experts.

SSR Rattan Ltd | £50

Keep the good work going !!

Luiz | $100

I'm an active researcher/professor in neuroscience and I love your podcast. Really fantastic!

John | 20 €

Still one of my favourite podcasts after more than a decade of tuning in. Long live TNS !

David Furniss | £50

Keep up the fantastic podcast, nobody does it better.

Steve | £5/M

It's great to have reliable, up to date scientific information delivered in an entertaining format across a wide range of topics.

Luis Ocon | £20

Bart | 12 €

thanks for all the hours of education

Nick | 12 €

Joshua Ferguson | A$19

Thank you for your continued contributions to inspiring the rest of us.

Bruno | A$10

My go to podcast for the last 10 years. Thanks 👍

Pablo | £10

Thank you for filling my work commute with informative, fun podcasts. I dedicate this to the global community of good scientists that make our modern world possible.

Andreas Grimm | £50


It's about time I gave something back for decades of informative programs

Anonymous | £10

Brolga | A$19

Finbarr | £20

Jimmy Gustafsson | £10


Don Kovacs | £20

One of the first podcasts I subscribed to on my first ipod early in 2006 (the days of stripping down science 🤪). I have learned a lot and am so glad you are still around!

William McCartney | NZ$10

Kelly | £40

Thank you for teaching the world so much about science, and in such lovely accents! (I live in the U.S.A.)

Helmut Hauschild


Hello from Ukraine and India! We love your show! Have been listening to it for years. This is our first time donating! Hope to donate regularly in the future:)

Gor Hayrapetyan | $7

Simon | £5/M

Grown up science. Love it.

David | £50

Alistair Baker | £50

Geoff | £10

Thank you for many years of informative, fun podcasts. I look forward to hearing from the team each week.