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Keep up the good work!

Thomas Rodd | £10

The recycling show was especially informative on a timely topic. Chris' summaries and questioning is always a pleasure to hear. Thanks everyone!

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Simon Wacker | 100 €

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Love the show! Best science podcast ever! Don't tell Neil deGrasse Tyson I said that.

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Sean Maher

I enjoy your show immensely - a wonderful diversity of fascinating and relevant topics with informed commentary from experts.

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Keep the good work going !!

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I'm an active researcher/professor in neuroscience and I love your podcast. Really fantastic!

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Still one of my favourite podcasts after more than a decade of tuning in. Long live TNS !

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Keep up the fantastic podcast, nobody does it better.

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It's great to have reliable, up to date scientific information delivered in an entertaining format across a wide range of topics.

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thanks for all the hours of education

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Thank you for your continued contributions to inspiring the rest of us.

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My go to podcast for the last 10 years. Thanks 👍

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Thank you for filling my work commute with informative, fun podcasts. I dedicate this to the global community of good scientists that make our modern world possible.

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It's about time I gave something back for decades of informative programs

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One of the first podcasts I subscribed to on my first ipod early in 2006 (the days of stripping down science 🤪). I have learned a lot and am so glad you are still around!