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Michelle Brown | £50

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Thanks for keeping me interested in science

James | £100

Another year, thank you for the incredible shows, content, and time you commit. All the best for 2023!

Geoffrey Hogg | £50

Long time listener, but impressed with the questions asked regarding nuclear fusion, the sort of questions I’d ask.

Robert | £100

Still the best science show in the galaxy.


Thank you for continuing to keep me informed about science and always keeping me entertained. Won't stop listening.

Perception Group Inc | $50/Y

Love the work you’re doing at The Naked Scientists uncovering new knowledge and challenging thinking.

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One of my few "must listen to every episode" podcasts to understand the world we live in - thank you to the whole team for this high quality production

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Lovene Bhatia

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Thoroughly enjoy your podcast.

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One of the best podcasts ever - I always look forward to listening to the next one - good science and not not dumbed down. Keep up the good work!

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This podcast is my companion on hiking and bike trips for almost 15 years. Thank you my friends. Well done. Milos from Slovak Republic

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Love the Ask the Naked Scientist on Cape Talk! Hi from a hot Cape Town South Africa.

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Please keep the naked sciences going! Great podcasts, thank you :)

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Keep up the good work! One of my favorite podcast :)

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A brilliant show.

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The best podcast in the solar system. And in the top 5 in the galaxy.

Linda | £50

Thanks for another year of identifying the clear facts in a fog of obscurity

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Another year, another donation, another fantastic set of programs. Keep on keeping on, we are avid listeners. Love from the Kempers, Melbourne, Australia.

John | £20

simply the best podcasts for science, tech and space. worth every penny.

Antonia Reeve

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Thank you for all the great shows - always well presented, and an amazing variety of topics