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Kevin Pollard | A$15

Tommy | 5 €/M

Fantastic!! The best science pod in the Universe! Dr are a legend! ... Dr Eva! "a PhD in Developmental Neuroscience from the University of Cambridge" ..and you are so pretty :-) ... and're Irish!

Kornelia | £25

My favourite science program, wouldn’t be without it !

Geoff | £50

Many thanks to all the Naked Scientists for producing a fantastic set of shows.

Marcie | £15

Andrew Harmsworth | £100/Y

Karen | £30

I’ve only recently discovered these podcast and am already a big fan. I’m catching up on the old episodes and am leaning lots! Thank you.

Dale | £50

Chris & team, I began with the plan to donate £1 for every program I have listened to. Sadly it soon became apparent I was unable to afford this. I balanced my limited budget against every program I have listened to, all of them versus what I could afford, but I am deeply disappointed to say that this is 25p per episode. With this in mind, please accept my donation with unmeasurable and absolute gratitude for the enjoyment and education I have immeasurable received over the last 20 years, Dale

Jonathan Williams

Adrian Preston | £30

Duncan Gill | £5/M

Nick | £30

Please keep up the good work, always an interesting and educational listen




I am so glad to have discovered Dr Chris Smith on LBC during the Covid pandemic. His in depth scientific knowledge as well as his ability to explain technical and scientific information in a clear way is enlightening.

Anonymous | £15

Jana | 50 €

Your show is very well done, I'm so happy I discovered it. I am looking forward to hearing more and I absolutely go naked!


Kevin Pollard | A$10

Peter | £200

Norman Wheatley | £65

i just got a bonus so I'm giving more. Thanks so much for your most excellent work. Looking forward to more fun stuff next year :)

David | £25


Nigel | £100

Keep making the shows - I've been listening for over 15 years.

Steve | £15

Joyce | £200

Love the shows but I think it is time for a new intro -- tired of hearing you all laughing...

Steven | $36

Richard Ali | £100

Communicating complex information in a way that anyone can grasp is a priceless skill. And with your energy and enthusiasm never dims. Great job, keep shining a light.

Robert Volpe | £15

You are getting better however imperial units still creeping into your universal program. :)

Phil | £30

Thank you for all the excellent content you produce

Aaron Zuckerman | £15