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Milos Hlinka | 24 €

This podcast is my companion on hiking and bike trips for almost 15 years. Thank you my friends. Well done. Milos from Slovak Republic

Colin | £20

Anthony | £20/M

Vincent | $10

Love the Ask the Naked Scientist on Cape Talk! Hi from a hot Cape Town South Africa.

Jana | 50 €

Please keep the naked sciences going! Great podcasts, thank you :)

daniel larre | £15/M

Keep up the good work! One of my favorite podcast :)

Mark Hary | £100

A brilliant show.

Robert Walsh | £200

The best podcast in the solar system. And in the top 5 in the galaxy.

Linda | £50

Thanks for another year of identifying the clear facts in a fog of obscurity

James | £100

Another year, another donation, another fantastic set of programs. Keep on keeping on, we are avid listeners. Love from the Kempers, Melbourne, Australia.

John | £20

simply the best podcasts for science, tech and space. worth every penny.

Antonia Reeve

Phil Banting | £30

Thank you for all the great shows - always well presented, and an amazing variety of topics

Elena | £20

Great show, ever since I discovered you, I look forward to the next train ride, accompanied by great stories

EMC Nutwood. | £100/Y

David Freedman | £15

Marilyn Karet | £50

Loved this program as the Atlassian company are about to build an amazing new building in Sydney’s CBD out of wood!

samantha | £12

Andrew Harmsworth | £100

Adrian | £20

Congratulations and thanks for making it to 20 years!

Richard Thornley | £50

Love the show - treats me like an adult. Up to date, consistent quality!

Steven Mushkat | $28

Thanks for informative & fun podcasts! I especially enjoy the Q&A shows.

Samir Sholapurkar | £20

You guys make a fantastic podcast, keeping us up to date with some of the latest science in a frank and digestible way. Hope to meet you in Cambridge in the future. Love the jokes - cringeworthy and amazing all at the same time. Keep it coming!

Michael Greenland | £20

Great programme. Very informative.

Rod Muir | £20

Rosemary King | £15

Have listened in Australia to Chris Smith et al, in middle of night for years. Excellent show.

galen thurber | C$5.22

Kevin Pollard | A$15

Tommy | 5 €/M

Fantastic!! The best science pod in the Universe! Dr are a legend! ... Dr Eva! "a PhD in Developmental Neuroscience from the University of Cambridge" ..and you are so pretty :-) ... and're Irish!

Kornelia | £25

My favourite science program, wouldn’t be without it !