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Kevin Pollard | A$10

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i just got a bonus so I'm giving more. Thanks so much for your most excellent work. Looking forward to more fun stuff next year :)

David | £25


Nigel | £100

Keep making the shows - I've been listening for over 15 years.

Steve | £15

Joyce | £200

Love the shows but I think it is time for a new intro -- tired of hearing you all laughing...

Steven | $36

Richard Ali | £100

Communicating complex information in a way that anyone can grasp is a priceless skill. And with your energy and enthusiasm never dims. Great job, keep shining a light.

Robert Volpe | £15

You are getting better however imperial units still creeping into your universal program. :)

Phil | £30

Thank you for all the excellent content you produce

Aaron Zuckerman | £15

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Shelley | $50

Thanks for a show that I have enjoyed for over a decade!

Keith | £25

Great series

David | $100

Been listening to you for far too long to not donate. Cheers!

Celene | $100

Thank you for the great work you do! Cheers from Tijuana, B.C. Mexico

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Greetings! Have loved and followed your show for many years, keep it up!

bill | £50

Josh Gallagher | £5/M

James | £100

Another year, another donation, more amazing content. Thanks from the Kempers in Melbourne, Australia for your wonderful work!

Rachel Jones | A$10

Loving your month of movement. Keep up the good work and I'll keep listening.

Ranjit Thomas | £100

Danny | £15

I'm glad I discovered your podcasts, which are a great help in understanding the science around the pandemic, and and a good way to make use of my excess spare time.

Adam Trefonides | C$9/M

I only wish I had more to offer. I can never adequately repay you for helping me understand the universe. You do some of the most important work there is: effectively communicating the truth. And you do it with honest excitment and wonder and at at a level that makes all who listen not only feel smarter, but truely grow. I have a game I play when I listen: I count the number of times that, when one of your imterviewees spends a long time reciting a very well constructed and rehearsed description of their very complicated science thing, Dr Chris Smith summarizes what they've just said in a single sentence and they respond to him (after a small awed pause), "that's exactly right." One of the best things that could happen is that your show never stops.


I have listened to almost every podcast since the beginning. You are still my favorite podcast.