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Dean Ferreyra | $100

I love your show. I especially like that you will ask your guests tough question -- your questions are illuminating, and so are their answers!

Michael | £15

Been listening for years and often share some of the snippets in conversations, just introduced my son in law to it who is just starting medical school, think he’s becoming hooked too, thanks for your dedication, it’s my No1 Podcast that listen as I travel with work all over the world, it helps me get through the endless waiting in airports and flights. Brill show.

Sue Grant

Richard | 50 €

Every week a solid show - listened to 'em all.

Anonymous | A$10

Andreas Ploessl | £25

Phil Banting | £30

Velociter | £100/Y

Heath Wilder | A$6

Joyce | £150

Never thought I’d be so interested in science. Sometimes I can’t follow everything but I try. I miss kitchen science episodes.

Damian | £15

Kristian Damm Jensen | £5/M

Merry Christmas

Giles | £50

love the show

Mike | $40

I regularly listen to over 70 podcasts (I know, I have a problem), and each time your podcasts come up, they always brighten my day and put a smile on my face. Each podcast is enlightening and entertaining. Best wishes to all.

James | £100

Dear Chris and the team, Thanks for another great year of podcasts, we love the variety, and the informative content. It's time for another donation to your wonderful work. Keep giving us great podcasts, we look forward to 2020. Have a lovely Christmas, and all the best for the New Year. The Kemper Family, Melbourne, Australia

Rachel Jones | A$10

The way you have delivered all the science news and break down relevant science papers has helped me to answer those nagging questions my kids ask, like, why is the sky blue? 7 year listener.

Peter James-Martin | £5

A great show

Robert | $134

I have been listening since nearly the beginning and still believe this is one of the best podcasts ever.

Victor Nagoryanskii | 6 €/M

Nick | 6 €

Peter Leveson

Love your podcast! Keep up the great work.

Werner | 20 €

Nick | £10

David Furniss | £50

jon bondy | $1,000

Chris' podcasts are THE premier source of my real-time science information. I never miss a show!

Schuyler Moore | $100

David Cowin | $36.12

Matthew | $13

Keep up the good work!

Thomas Rodd | £10

The recycling show was especially informative on a timely topic. Chris' summaries and questioning is always a pleasure to hear. Thanks everyone!

Marilyn | £50