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UK general elections consistently result in disproportionate outcomes. Our primitive voting system is unfit for purpose. 

The number of votes needed to elect an MP varies dramatically from party to party. Votes across the country are incredibly unequal in value and many votes are wasted. The government only has support from a minority of voters.

We have a great opportunity to win Proportional Representation. Please chip in now to help us realise it.

The Alliance to Make Votes Matter has grown from five to eleven parties, loads more organisations and public figures. Equally important is the growing movement of local groups taking action to make votes matter around the country, all the way from Cornwall to Berwick. We've had dozens of successful events, lots of positive press, a popular EDM, and got our parliamentary petition to Make Votes Matter over 100,000 signatures, which secured a parliamentary debate. As the Labour Party is key to winning PR, a large part of our work continues to focus on that party - and our Labour campaign is going from strength to strength, with almost 80 Labour MPs including the Shadow Chancellor already in support of PR. We need to raise enough funds to run all these campaign strands and make the movement unstoppable!

Please consider what real democracy is worth to you and donate an amount that is comfortable, but means something to you. Anything you can give to Make Votes Matter will contribute to winning real democracy in the UK. Thank you for all your support!