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We've just had another disproportionate General Election, and our primitive voting system is clearly unfit for purpose. 

The number of votes needed to elect an MP varied dramatically from party to party. Votes across the country were incredibly unequal in value and many votes were wasted. The new government will, like the last, lack the support of the majority of voters.

This is our busiest time ever, with great opportunities for winning Proportional Representation. We urgently need to raise enough funding to cover our crucial post-election activities, get the campaign off to a flying start in the new Parliament, and hold the biggest demo for real democracy since women won the vote: #SaveOurDemocracy.

We invite you to consider what real democracy is worth to you and donate an amount that feels comfortable, but is enough to mean something to you.

If you would like a goody bag including a Make Votes Matter bag, badge, T-shirt and more, please make a donation over £50 and select the option to receive a goody bag.

Anything you can give to Make Votes Matter will contribute to winning real democracy in the UK. Thank you for all your support!