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Chuck Spence

Love your publication. You are the only news service that isn't afraid to tackle the old guard of Maui. Well done. And please keep up the great work!

Madolin Wells | $25

Kudos for independent, intelligent, hard-working journalism. Mahalo!

Lisa Darcy | $50

I know your value every single day.

Chris Skiles | $100

Bart Smith | $100

Chris Mentzel

We love you - your journalism is urgently needed on Maui

Dan Pulcrano | $25

Love Maui Times!

brian gribble | $25

Thanks for years of laughs and Aloha!!

John Durkin | $100

Katie Say

You are doing an amazing job! Intelligent coverage.

Anne Barber | $100

Michael Williams | $1,000

Nicholas Drance

Fran Snell | $25

Thank you for keeping us posted on the coronavirus. People need to know they have all the facts. Thank you for your hard work.


Greg Mebel | $500

Long live independent journalism. Onward Tommy, Jen, Axl, Deb, etc!

Christina | $100

MauiTime, keep going! Imua!

Autumn Ness | $25

Maui needs you. I'll do whatever I can to help you get through this.

Linda Givins | $100

Joseph Wilmot | $250


mark SHEEHAN | $100

I hope many readers of Maui Time will pitch in to support our community vital source for news and opinion.

Bruce Douglas | $25

bryant | $25

Hang in there guys. You do a great job keeping us informed.

David Balfour | $25

Mary Bailey | $100

Fred Spanjaard | $25

Please keep this ESSENTIAL service going!

Christel & John Blumer-Buell

`A `ohe hana nui ke alu `ia. No task is too big when done together by all.

johnne perez | $5/M

Thank you for always leading the charge for truth and awareness around our island, really appreciate what you all do!

Satoko Takahashi

Thank you for serving Maui local community. I personally received some benefit from your article of local gift issue. Maui Sugar Babe is very small business and also struggling during this time but we cannot let you guys go! Small donation but hope helps you a bit. Aloha!