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Tracey | C$26.27

Immensely helpful. My mom passed away recently and your grief and loss section as been extremely helpful towards my healing


Buddhism I love the philosophy know yourself as you are warts and all no good no bad just in the middle

Ray Imai | C$60

In memory of Margaret Imai-Compton

Ray Imai | C$60

Laura | C$52.15

Veit Weber | C$10

Amar Ochani | C$21.10

Steven Keil | C$36.60

Thank you dearly for the information you have provide. I stumbled across Nichiren Buddhism almost by accident but I felt it in my heart immediately. What I learned on your site was absolutely profound and inspired me to want to devote myself even deeper. With love and Gratitude Steven Keil

Dave Galloway | C$100

Thank you for working to help us all.


Thank you for continually introducing me to teachers and teachings and perspectives that I help me grow and deepen my practise. May all beings realize and dwell in the wellness of their own being.

Mary Alice | C$50

Although I subscribe to Lion's Roar magazine, I also wanted to contribute to the many good articles and quotes I get online each day. May you all keep well.

Alison | C$250

Your emailed editions of Lion's Roar so often speak to exactly what I need. Thank you for recent articles on tonglen!

Laurie | C$52.15

My deepest gratitude for the dharma that you publish - it has helped immensely over the years, most particularly during this last very difficult year. Blessings to all who make this possible and for the on-going reminders that we can all be more enlightened beings in everything we do.

Ernie | C$21.10

with gratitude

Sheila Whincup | C$50

Judith Murray | C$50

Thank you. I find quiet and calmness now. Thich Nhat Hahn, thank you.

Laura | C$103.92

Thank You with deep gratitude for your wonderful work in helping and raising human consciousness!

Brenda | C$50

Thank you for this wonderful publication. I can’t tell you what this has meant to me over the past year.

Doris Kienitz | C$250

Thank you so much for all your help and love! May you be well, may you be happy, may you be free from suffering, may you BE LOVE ♥️🌲


Thank you for your big hearts and marvelous work.

Robin Taylor

Steven Chen

Thank you for spreading the Dharma!

Thuy Trang Dang | C$26.29

Please continue your good work of spreading Buddha Dharma to near and far. Blessings.

Kate Clifford | C$103.92

Great support for living my life! Much gratitude and metta to all!

Sarah Reynolds | C$100

Thank you

Wenzhuo Hou | C$26.29

The merit of all deeds dedicate to: all beings to obtain ultimate Buddhahood, and the world regain balance of all beings; may all kids love learning;may all families happy; may Dharma spread to where it is darkest,leading the most miserable soul out of misfortune; May everyone be reverent and humble. May everyone who wants to work get a satisfactory job. May all children, animals be protected the same as our loved ones. May all fetus have the right to life. May everybody forgive the wrongdoers.


Offered with gratitude-thank you for helping me achieve equanimity.

Jay | C$5.59


I am especially grateful to Lions Roar for all you bring to the community during this time of suffering for so many. A bright, reliable light!

Sally | C$100

Thanks for the very timely teachings