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Dear Reader,

For over two years, a team of dedicated journalists and editors has worked tirelessly to bring you the latest news about Chile.

We have written over 1,000 articles, created numerous photos and videos, and opened a window on to Chile for people here and abroad. From long-reads about Chile’s history to travel tips, from podcasts to video reports, from political analyses to interviews.

We have watched our audience grow, debate us, cheer us, and criticize us.

The protests that erupted Oct. 18 meant not only a new chapter for Chile, but also a step forward for Chile Today. As a news medium, we had to be on top of the news, being there when and where it happened, while at the same time explaining why it was happening. The importance of an English-language news medium became more evident as people from around the world started following us and international media connected with us to support their coverage.

The protests were set to continue in 2020, but Covid-19 arrived and now people are consumed with battling the pandemic and dealing with its related economic disruptions. As such, we are covering everything about the virus, from the latest numbers to in-depth explanations – all to keep you, our audience, informed and up to date.

All of our series, articles, and coverage have been and will continue to be free. To us, it is a privilege to be able to inform our audience. But from the very start, our entire team of journalists, editors, and managers have done everything on a voluntary basis; and, now, to be able to continue in the current form, and to expand the depth and scope of our coverage, we are asking for financial support. Any level of donation is welcome.

From all the staff at Chile Today, we thank you for being there and we hope to continue to see you on our platforms,

Boris van der Spek