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James Amodei | $5.50

Montcalm County Michigan is going to destoyed if they place wind farms and they did not let the critics speak! But no ones cares everyone is worried about how get 70% jabbed so that Michigan will reopen WTF!

Zora Brown | $208/M

Your on the right path Chandler and friends

Sang Joon Park | $104.15

Expose them away!!!

James Amodei | $5.50

Minneapolis is destroying his real estate value is becoming the next Camden NJ or London England Here are the real estate strikes against it Number one cold-weather Number two riots of course Number three Islamic extremism Number four Minnesota Timberwolves Number five defunding the police Number six high taxes Number Seven sex abusing Catholic priests Number eight LGBT Ideology running rampant Number nine Their state bird is the mosquito Number ten We can’t even party at a bar in 2021

James Amodei | $5.50

Youtube is a joke they ban you and yet the let Lil Nas X worship the devil openly on youtube. Happy Easter everyone

James Amodei | $5.50

So the dems give free money for racism but Fowler Indiana residents get noting for living in a sea of wind farms bult by Obama!


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