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Veronica | $15.84/M

Small drops make up the mighty ocean- here are my small drops. Lots of love to you and your family Team. Thank you for all you are doing for us and the Ancestors.

Kwadwo Tafari | $517.91

Sy-Rah | $175

Medasi pii! Jerejef lool! Asante sana! o ṣeun pupọ

LaNaya | $26.19/M

Blessings to you and family. I will always support you and your vision. Thank you, for your gift of knowledge, and research. looking forward to meeting you. Warmest regards Dr. LaNaya Feline.

Mawusi Kofi Brempong Adzadi | $52.07

Abibifahodie OBRONI BO FOM!!!

Vanessa Stevens

We must never stop giving because the war us not over!

Baka | $10/M

Keep it up & Abibifahodie!

Mbuya | $26.19/M


This year Ghana, next year Egypt!

Malene | $103.83

EyaBakari | $100

Anonymous | $15.84

I will donate something biweekly. It may vary, but I'm really grateful for this site.

Sandra | $103.83

We must support our own institutions. No one else will!

Afrikola Afrikola | $32.40

$1 a day 👏🏾

Wadiya | $103.83

Porter | $26.19

Kheru Akhu | $207.35

For Question and Answer

Thierry Louis | $26.19

I appreciate what Dr. Kambon and the staff does on behalf of this war that we are in. Love the website and if I was not busy working as much I would be enjoy it a lot more than I do now but this is great especially for someone who is not into social media (never had a facebook). Keep up the great work!

Kheru Akhu | $52.07

Keep On Pushing


Brian | $10.66/M


Afrikola Afrikola | $31.37

I love y’all ❤️💚🖤

Akua Miller | $10.66

Love you guys

Naa Khepry | $200

Thank you for the great work you are doing for the Kamit community and for our rebirth. Thank you for the resources and all the awakening materials and sharing. Thank you for what you are doing on mother land in Ghana. Ashe

Kheru Akhu | $103.83

Gotta pay my Tithes for the Building Funds.


Thank you for all your teachings and sincerity!!

LaTasha Robinson | $26.19


Nataki | $310.87

Meda ase Abibifahodie

Kheru Akhu | $50/M

Paying my tithes