Donor Wall (39)

Bryan Clark | $52.23

Robert & Teresa Stauffer | $50

Cynthia Lehman | $52.23

Appreciate all that you do!!! You are currently fostering a kitten for my son & daughter-in-law. Thank you!

Jamie Hedges | $26.27


Robert Gudorf

Brad Stevens | $52.23

Dog Sound Baffles - It killed my hearing working in there HA!

Penney Gaskill | $50

Thinking of you, 💕 Love you sister. From Penney , Rorie & Family

Donna Gritton | $52.23

Thank you for pulling Bubby, Odin, Donovan and Poppy from The Animal Protection League in Anderson. I am so happy for them to have the opportunity to find their forever home through your shelter. <3

Our Turn to Serve

Dedicated in the name of Our Turn to Serve who is focused on assisting veterans who have experienced service related trauma by providing them with a trained service dog.

Kathleen Armstrong | $208


Thanks for caring for Doodle (formerly Aristotle) and Danny (formerly Elroy), so they could bring so much joy into my life!

Terry and Linda Speelman | $104.15

3Rivers on behalf of Tamara Miller | $100

Kelly Morel | $52.23


Michelle | $104.15

Steuben County Planning/Building | $104.15

Andrea | $26.27

Thank you for loving Theo and giving him the best life these past few months. My family adopted our cat Remy from you 3 yrs ago and he is the best! Thank you for all you do!


A to Z Construction | $144

Lois Perkins

Todd Jacobs | $104.15

Hope Laker | $21.08

Amanda Rhoads-Lucero | $52.23

Chewy was adopted from you by my parents 10 years ago. She was and wonderful, sweet dog and deeply loved by all of us. Thank you for what you do, so that dogs like Chewy can enrich the lives of people like us, and get the love that they so deserve.

Susan | $52.23

Michelle Rheinheimer | $52.23

gary probst

K9 Country Salon | $26.27

K9 Country Salon would love to sponsor Hank 😊

Cathy Gaff

In memory of Jason and Barney who he adopted from shelter and all the feral cats he kept fed.

Dan Pangburn

In hopes that the Lennen family’s faith and friends will comfort them through the tragic loss of Lance.