Donor Wall (15)

Susan | $52.23

Michelle Rheinheimer | $52.23

gary probst

K9 Country Salon | $26.27

K9 Country Salon would love to sponsor Hank 😊

Cathy Gaff

In memory of Jason and Barney who he adopted from shelter and all the feral cats he kept fed.

Dan Pangburn

In hopes that the Lennen family’s faith and friends will comfort them through the tragic loss of Lance.

Michelle Richer-Mengerink | $100

In loving memory of Katie Crist.

Chelsey Wells Hoffman

Jeanne Eagleson

For my beautiful Merris

Shane | $100

In memory of the greatest aunt ever!

Whitney Doyle Driver | $21.08

Supporting Trine’s COM and MKT students!

Wendy Yagodinski | $26.27

Amie La Fleur | $26.27

Brad Stevens

Tyler | $40