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      Autistic Families often feel isolated and rejected by society. And then they don’t want to go on vacations or excursions because they are automatically judged. 

      The amount of anxiety, stress, and severe depression within autistic families is significantly higher than in neurotypical families. Kids on the spectrum as early as 5 years old start talking about killing themselves.  In addition, over 650 people with disabilities have been murdered by their parents, relatives or caregivers in the past five years. 

      Moms of autistic kids have similar stress levels to combat soldiers. Parents are in a constant state of flight or flight. They also spend significantly more time in the caregiver role than typical parents. Our moms are interrupted at work one out of every four days vs. one out of ten days. I was just speaking to a mom yesterday about how the school lost her kid again. AGAIN. And, we know that chronic stress leads to chronic illnesses. This is felt throughout the community. 


      Build a magical playground where autistic families, moms, and couples can rest, restore, and renew where they automatically belong. It’ll include a bunker or tunnel, animals, challenge course, sensory garden, huge swings, movie theatre, edible garden, outdoor showers, poor man’s hot tubs (tub/shower/ice baths), yoga stretchy swings, laughter yoga, sauna, classes, fire-pits, meditation, labyrinth, swinging bridge, hammocks, golf carts, a heated waterfall pool, plus tiny homes/shipping containers/domes.

      This will be the first overnight retreat for autistic families in Virginia. We are new and will be nationwide within 10 years.