Donor Wall (33)

Rasika | A$50

Well done Abhi and Sneha! what a great achievement and for such a lovely cause.

Nicky | A$26.32

Good luck Sneha!

Pajan & Sarjit Jassal | A$500

The world has enough wealth in the hands of the fortunate few to make slight differene to those who need it most through no fault of their own. Those who have the power to provide for the destitute fail them over and over again. At least we can hold a candle for them in our prayers.

Sharmila | A$52.16

Mihir Medhekar | A$50

Amazing work Sneha & Abhi (for supporting Sneha during the walk!)

Nagaranchitham Palasanthiran | A$103.83

Andy | A$20

Easha | A$258.88

Easha Suthan | A$250

Anonymous | A$50

Proud of you guys for all the hard work training for and completing the walk! Sunny and Kavi


Awesome work

Arielle | A$60

woohoo! goodluck!! i'll be thinking of you every step of the way!


Swati | A$52.16

Go team ! For a wonderful cause!

Rob Miller | A$31.48

Goodluck Sneha and team!!


Best of luck Sneha and team!

El | A$52.16

Aparna | A$517.26

Go Aarti & team! Cheering you all on!

Cathy Stagno | A$52.14

Samantha | A$52.14

Aruna | A$52.14

Go Aarti and team! Fantastic cause.


Pearl Fernandes | A$52.14

Bojana | A$103.81

Go Sneha and Abhi :).

Chetan | A$258.85

krupali | A$200

All the best Abhi, Sneha and team. Congratulations on the good work and Ps happy to support your wonderful cause.

Denise & Graham | A$207.17

Good luck to all of you. No easy feat you're taking on but for a great cause. We will be with you in thought Sneaks, every step of the way.

Vicky & Mark | A$103.81

Go team! Best of luck on the walk. A shame we can’t meet you on the way but we’ll be cheering you on regardless!

Pravesh | A$103.82

Great cause! Best of luck for the walk Abhi, keep up the fantastic work you all have been doing so far!

Maggie | A$258.86