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      SheepMaster Ministries is a Self Governed and Non Denominational Outreach ministry whose beliefs and faith are solely based on the true doctrine of the Word of God. The ministry is reaching the lost Pakistani people, especially those who have not received Jesus Christ as their savior yet and have never heard His teachings — nor experienced God’s love. Our singular focus is to reach thousands of lost souls with the message of God’s love, repentance & salvation — through Jesus and the Good News of the Gospel.

      This is not a story about just one person; its’ the story of a soldier in the army of Christ. ” For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” ( Ephesians 6:12 )

      Pastor. Kashif Daniel, son of Senior Pastor Daniel Barkat, is passionately pursuing his own ministry calling by inheriting the legacy of his father. Young Daniel preaches the Good News of the Gospel to the lost and captives souls through door to door ministry, Jesus Film Projector shows, and sharing the love of Messiah Jesus with poor widows, orphans and afflicted souls in Pakistan.


      • Pastor Kashif’s family is in full time ministry and times are always challenging, yet the Lord has been faithful. Their vision is to reach North, South, East and West in Pakistan — with the message of the Gospel by conducting outreaches and planting churches in remote villages.
      • Pastor Kashif is providing a special Audio Bible outreach that you can be a dynamic part of. Most poor people in Pakistan cannot afford to obtain Bibles. 500 Bibles in Urdu language are needed every month! One Bible costs $10.00. Help distribute 1 million Bibles in Pakistan!
      • Since September 2014 Pastor Kashif is blessing 50 widows and their 100+ children with food. Little children starve to death and adult children abandoned their mothers. God’s heart is for widows & orphans in James 1:27. It costs $20 to feed one family of widow per month.
      • In year 2016 SheepMaster Ministries reached more than 2000+ souls in far flung villages and won more than 600+ souls. Villagers get excited to see missionaries and are giving their hearts to Jesus by this effective technological ministry on a film projector. Sow your kingdom seed to a grave need of ministry van to carry out this powerful ministry without any hurdles.
      • Brethren around the world are lovingly sponsoring many destitute and orphan children. In just $50 a month Pastor Kashif ensures food, clothing and education for a single child. Each child has a heartbreaking story. We have more than 20 sponsored children so far and the list is increasing. Contact us to select for you a child and give a bright future to a destitute child.
      • The Lord inspired Pastor Kashif with His Holy Spirit to add a facility (prayerfully named as Hope House) right on top of his home in Lahore, Pakistan in a Christian Colony. Follow this Orphanage on Facebook In this facility orphans will have an environment of safety under the hedge of God’s protection. You need to jump into this abounding opportunity to bless the orphans who need desperate help.
      • Pastor Kashif is envisioned to carry out ministry for brick kiln bonded labor who work as slaves. His heart is to free these poor Christians from the ruthless kiln owners. Get behind!


      This donation form has been created to receive support for Sheep Master Ministries in Pakistan in partnership with Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) EIN 721202161.  The term MDC501c3 will appear on your statements, as MDC is our Parent 501(c)(3) organization. Each donation is receipted automatically by email for tax deductible purposes.

      There are two amazing privileges that God has given to man. 

      1. The first is salvation, which is the privilege to enter into an intimate and eternal redemptive relationship with God, being saved by grace and being unified with Him in the love of God.
      2. The second greatest privilege is to serve God with good works, which He performs through each of us as we allow Him to do so. God is calling you today to boldly partner with Him — by partnering with us for life!

      Your donation is fully tax deductible if you file U.S. Taxes, and is also able to be claimed as Gift Aide in England. Donors from other nations can check with local tax authorities to ascertain tax deductibility.

      Give you best gift today!

      Pastor Jedidiah Wayne Gaines

      Senior Pastor, CrownLife Ministry
      President, Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3)

      Pastor Kashif Daniel
      [email protected]
      Executive Director, Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) EIN 72-1202161
      Pastor, SheepMaster Ministries of Pakistan

      Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) EIN 72-1202161 is a tax deductible international non profit ministry.