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Nicole Landberg | $15.84

maureen Riley | $10.66

Thank you for your work!

Donna | $26.19

Blue Shark Group | $259.11

Jamin Martinelli | $107

Thank you for all that you do. This is from the sale of hammerhead dress :) Love you guys, Jamin


Larry Moorman | $103.83

Andrea Donovan | $100

Morgan | $124.53

Noelle | $26.19

Focus Dental Studio | $26.19


Barbara Fabino | $52.07

We need to stop finning. This is horrible. I love sharks and want to help. Keep me updated

Dream Reef Cinema | $25

Avery Roach | $10.66

Kurt Prutsman | $10

It's not true. I will not eat it. It's bullshit. I will not eat it. I will naaat.


I am making this donation in memory of one of the strongest kids I have ever known. Roman has always been a ray of sunshine and has been a survivor like a mighty shark. Fly high baby boy.


Thank you for coming to the forefront and speaking up and letting the world know how important these issues are.


Ulrich Rauschenberger | $30


Thank You Shark Allies for all the wonderful, hard work you do for our finned friends !!

Ulrich Rauschenberger

Jono Hart

i am urging everyone I know to make recurring micro-donations to help at-risk wildlife. And Sharks need our help now more than ever. The stats are gut-wrenching. 100,000,000+ killed per year - killed by and for humans. And without sharks, the eco-systems collapse. Which we are starting to see - and the adverse change will occur exponentially --> meaning the demise of our oceans is accelerating. Climate change is the catastrophe we are talking about. The decimation of sharks is underway - and will be the need of our oceans as we know them if we do not stop it now. We need to educate the public that sharks are not blood thirsty killers. They have no interest in harming humans.

Stuart Mehler | $10

Your organization should be very proud of the amazing work you do.... I certainly am.

Adeline | $30

Aaron Bierman | $50

Lucas Wright | $10.63

Bonnie Sherman | $51.90/Q


Max Thompson’s personal donation in honor of his Bar Mitzvah.