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Caila Fry | $300

Camryn Eicher

Thank you guys for the hard work and sacrifice that you all make. We all love animals, but some of us more so than others and they’re on the front lines fighting the good fight like you all. The least I can do is my part in donating in hopes to help the cause. God bless.

Jeff Kepler | $250

Hey all! It's Jeff from on instagram. I made a shark piece awhile back then went viral and I had a ton of requests for prints. I wanted to be sure to donate 50% of the money to conservation, so I decided to split the donation between two groups and you guys were one of them. I know it's not a ton but I hope it helps! Thank you all for everything you do!

Alex Baier | $21.01

Thanks for your vitally important work!

graham robinson | $250


Marc Paladino | $103.83

The Spicy Shark | $103.83

Zoë W. | $111

I will keep fighting for the sharks and global ocean for you Rob. Love, Zoë with Sharks Are Our Friends

Hayley | $21.01

Save the sharks! 💙

Dustin Burkhouse | $50

Thank you for everything you do!

Kristin Jacobs | $2,284.12

Dustin Burkhouse | $103.83


Off The Hook Florida | $26.19

OffTheHookFlorida is so proud to be able to support SharkAllies!

Ulrich | $36.54

Courtney | $259.11

Thank you for what you do!

Ryan Brooker | $10.66

Jocelyn Cortese | $52.07

Krista | $52.07

Athena | $517.91

Heather Samperisi | $103.83

Thank you to your dedicated team for all the important work you're doing with saving the shark population. Keep up the terrific work and I am glad to donate again this year for Giving Tuesday.

Cadesavessharks | $300

Michael | $500

Ulrich | $50

Emily Wartsbaugh | $20

Ocean love starts at the top (predator)!!

Galen | $52.07

Nicole Landberg | $15.84

maureen Riley | $10.66

Thank you for your work!

Donna | $26.19