Donor Wall (42)

Jocelyn Cortese | $52.07

Krista | $52.07

Athena | $517.91

Heather Samperisi | $103.83

Thank you to your dedicated team for all the important work you're doing with saving the shark population. Keep up the terrific work and I am glad to donate again this year for Giving Tuesday.

Cadesavessharks | $300

Michael | $500

Ulrich | $50

Emily Wartsbaugh | $20

Ocean love starts at the top (predator)!!

Galen | $52.07

Nicole Landberg | $15.84

maureen Riley | $10.66

Thank you for your work!

Donna | $26.19

Steve Roylance

Neil Rose | $259.11

Jamin Martinelli | $107

Thank you for all that you do. This is from the sale of hammerhead dress :) Love you guys, Jamin

Lindsay Firster

Larry Moorman | $103.83

Andrea Donovan | $100

Morgan | $124.53

Noelle | $26.19

Jamie | $26.19


Barbara Fabino | $52.07

We need to stop finning. This is horrible. I love sharks and want to help. Keep me updated

Wilson McCourtney | $25

Avery Roach | $10.66

Kurt Prutsman | $10

It's not true. I will not eat it. It's bullshit. I will not eat it. I will naaat.


I am making this donation in memory of one of the strongest kids I have ever known. Roman has always been a ray of sunshine and has been a survivor like a mighty shark. Fly high baby boy.


Thank you for coming to the forefront and speaking up and letting the world know how important these issues are.


Ulrich Rauschenberger | $30