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Hey there! We're Science & Us, a team of high schoolers from greater Boston. We organize events to help our peers create their own science communication works—anything that explains a STEM topic in an engaging, approachable way. Our upcoming event, held in collaboration with Communicating Science at MIT, will be at MIT on December 8. For our first event, in June, we had almost 40 students engage with speakers from Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Boston University, and STAT.

Why do we do this?

From Kat, 17, founder of Science & Us: Several years ago, someone asked me, "Are you more of a math and science person, or a history and English person?" We're often pressured to choose between "sides," but from the economics of climate change to the ethics of net neutrality, STEM affects us all. Not everyone needs (or wants) to become a scientist, but to make informed decisions and solve problems effectively, we must broaden our horizons. Science & Us makes the complex compelling, bridging the gap between STEM and everyday people.

What's our impact?

We teach science communication, but what does that really do? We empower youth to view interdisciplinary problems as challenges to solve, not be intimidated by. We enable them to approach, understand, and even teach difficult topics. Though our events are small (to maximize one-on-one interactions), our impact is large—participants remain connected to our network and bring their lessons and creations back to their communities.

Where's the money going?

We strive to create a professional environment to encourage creativity and forming connections. To accomplish that, we'll provide our attendees and volunteers with lunch and a light breakfast. We'll also invest in promotional materials and equipment necessary for event workshops. Any leftover funds help sustain Science & Us for future events and initiatives.

How else can I get involved?

We understand if donating is just not a possibility at this time. Share this with some friends (3 is a good number) and sign up to stay in the loop with occasional updates from us!

Donations made through this form are quick and easy, but unfortunately not tax deductible. However, you may make a check payable to "Communicating Science at MIT" and account number 2859792 through this form for your contribution to be tax deductible. Either way, your generosity helps make Science & Us possible!