Donor Wall (22)

Michelle D'Elia | $104.15

Emily Cavalcanti

Steve Sabicer | $519.52

Joseph Marino | $519.52

Lorraine McCarthy | $500

Bob & Kristen Fass | $100

Francesco Barbera | $100

Thank you for your work to make our community more sustainable!

Esther Margulies | $259.92

Thank you Vinita for your support of the USC MLA+U program.

Thomas Helliwell


The loss of financial support from the City makes Sustainable Claremont more dependent on grants and donations. We're happy to do our part.

Annette Mills | $104.15

Lynne Marsenich | $104.15

I appreciate the work you do

john roseman

Keep up the good work!


Devon & Mary Hartman | $519.52

We are raving fans and truly grateful for your brilliant and consistent efforts over the last decade in significantly adding to Claremont's quality of life.

Judith Favor | $104.15

Carolyn Wood | $100

Ted Zehfuss | $100

Jennifer De La Cruz | $100

Thank you for everything you do for our community!

Elise | $10.70/M

Good luck!


Meg Mathies