Donor Wall (100)

Carol | $21.08

Thank you for your hard, caring and important work.

Donald Hennig | $5.50

Sherrie | $10.87

I want to work with you! Bless you for your heroic work!

Linda Graham | A$10.88

Thank you for everything you’re doing for the animals. I wish I could give more.

Carole Powell | $52.23

thank all of you who are helping these innocent and helpless animals - may you be rewarded with a long and happy life and the money needed to continue helping

charlotte cuccia | $21.08

donna sutton | $104.15

I deeply appreciate the work you do.

Gerolynn Laukevicz | $21.08

I cannot say Thank You enough for all that all of you do to help save these innocent animals. Thank you and God Bless You All !!!

Wendy | A$17.09

Thank you for being there and helping

Sheryl Mccabe | $100

Linda Niquette | $10.70

Judith | $16.05

Thank you for your dedication & love for animals!! You are truly Angels on this Earth!

Judy McCauley | $21.23

Mary Beth | $21.23

Teresa | $21.08

These sweet innocent amazing animals! Thank you for everything you do! If I lived in Florida I would help with rescue. Y'all are God's Angels! God bless you!

ellen Thrasher | $104.12

Leslie | $104.12

Animal Rescuers are Angels on earth!

Penny | $10.87

Bless you, because I can't bear to think of the outcome without your dedicated help. ❤ xx

Christine Trapasso | $10.87

Thank you for helping....

Teresa A Schneider | $5.50

Rosario Mendez | $104.12

Thank you. God bless you.

Rebecca Rehwaldt | $21.23

Please save as many animals as you can... Thank you for all that you are doing.

Michelle | $26.41

Mary | $31.59

Linn Soltwedel

Thank you!

Elyse | $114.54

Jacqueline | $21.23

We are all God’s creatures. We are all animals and are connected in so many ways. Non-human animals deserve the same respect, love, rights, and protection as human- animals. Be vegan. Be loving.

Linda | $21.23


Sybil Erden | $5

We run Cochise Canine REscue in Az and are terribly concerned about the animals impacted by Ian. Wish we were there to help!!