Donor Wall (41)

Kevin & Ann Murphy | $1,000

Go Seawolves!!! Sparky, Thanks for all of your hard work!

Gordon Kruse | $100

Jill Lerner | $100

The trickle down of not having sports at UAA is tremendous!

Scott | $150

Thank you Ski Racing and Sparky Anderson for your passion and dedication to this sport especially during this pandemic!! I hope anyone who has enjoyed the unique experiences of ski competitions will join this important cause!!

John Dwyer | $25

Linus Walch | $50

Mandy Kaempf | $1,000

Imke/Udo Cassee | $100

Rooting for you all!

JJ Johnson | $20

Great Program with incredible athletes and leadership!

Margaret LaBombard | $50

Joan Stassel | $75

We are committed in supporting the UAA ski team. Skiing is and has been a major sport and recreational activity in Anchorage and Alaska for years. And the UAA ski team has been a strong force in representing UAA and Alaska with their competitive success and academic prowess over the years. We enthusiastically support the continued success of the UAA ski team! Joan Stassel and Chuck Livers

Daniela Anguita | $50

I was a Seawolf, many years ago. I would hate to see the team dissolved.

Aurore de Maulmont | $100

Bob Neuman | $100

Jenn Baker | $100

Tara | $100


Cristy Hickel | $50

Thank you for the efforts to save this amazing team of student athletes. This program brought me to Alaska and I am very grateful for all this team has done for our community.

Cynthia Pickering Christianson | $100

Robert Eastaugh

Salim Saifee

100% supportive of ncaa alpine

Bill Brooks | $25

Good luck with the fundraising. I really hope the team hits the goal amount.

kerri | $100


Michele and Tim Hansen | $300

Steven Medema

Marlene Mirassou | $50

It would be a massive shame to lose yet another opportunity to develop collegiate skiers. I'm happy to support a sport that strengthens not only the body but also the mind and spirit.

Etienne | $100

Go Skiwolves!!! Yep yep!!

Michael Elvidge | $500

Shelley Coolidge

Debora Davis | $100