Donor Wall (99)

Barbara Jones | $10.70

Natalia Gabrielsen | $48.08

Logan Phillips | $36.66

We believe in you!

Raquel Teran

walk walk walk! You've got this!

Kristel | $48.08

Jasmine | $52.23

You're a rock star! We believe in you and know that you'll keep fighting.

Delfina | $104.15

I can’t imagine a better voice for the people of Ward 1.

Debi Chess | $259.92

So much respect to you!

Mohit | $519.52

Josh Schachter | $15.89


Leezah Sun | $103.12

Go get'em superstar! Ride the Blue Wave to Victory!

Josh Schachter | $26.27

Brad Lancaster | $50

Please let me know how to get a yard sign so even more folks (beyond those I've spoken to and those I will speak to) will know I support you.

Jessica Bernal-Mejia | $26.27

You got this!

Maribel Alvarez | $48.08

adelante!! we believe in you.

Elva De La Torre | $103.12

Kara Jones and I believe in your vision!

Susan Marshall

Charlene Mendoza | $208

Thank you for running and investing in paid interns!!

Elaine Enriquez | $48.08

John Yoakum | $52.23

Walter Doyle | $48.08

Amy Valdes Schwemm | $15.89

Columba Huaraque | $52.23

We believe in you Lane!

Caitlin Jensen | $10

Anne B Stericker | $48.08

I am not in your ward, but I respect your initiative, your values and your vision.

Robert Davis | $104.15

Given in celebration of Leona Davis' birthday. She and I wish you success in your run for Tucson City Council. Bob D. (Father)

Patricia Andrade


behind you, with you every step of the way

Kyle Wagenschutz | $208