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Lori and Michael Davis | $104.15

Rabbi Tovia Singer, may G-D bless you. We are deers in the field, and have come from hard lives of abuse, hurt, and loss. We want you to know, you mean the world to us, and have helped us to know Hashem, to find the way, and to shut doors to a world of idolatry. Rabbi, keep doing what you do. There are miracles happening. Shalom.

Donald Jane

Watching your video, The Final Redemption is Imminent with Shifra Hendrie, helped me better understand the arrival of Moshiach ben Dovid is dependent upon my Jewish brothers and sisters returning to Hashem. Realizing my acceptance of Hashem and Judaism as a Noahide does not affect Moshiach's timing. I wanted to do something to help speed up his arrival. I decided donating monthly to the cause of returning my Jewish brothers and sisters to Hashem's Torah will allow me to have an active role in positively affecting when Moshiach might arrive. Therefore, I am realigning my fixed income budget to help you return as many Jews to Hashem and His Torah as possible. May Hashem bless you in returning hundreds of thousands and preventing others from leaving Judaism.

David Contract | $37.69/M

Israel Escobedo | $19

Anonymous | $19

Nathan Earles

I fully support this movement and I hope we can stop this vile abomination.

Chana Sara | $360

Helen | $135.31

שמעון | $519.52

תודה רבה לרב טוביה על העבודה המשמעותית, על הלחימה במיסיון הכבד בארץ ישראל. בעזרת השם נעשה ונצליח

Calin | $104.15

Thank you for your wonderful teachings. Keep up the good work.

Armida Ainsworth | $37.69



Shalom and thank you rabbi Tovia for the many great lectures! This is In memory of my beautiful mother, Christie Parker.


Thank you for the great work you do! G'mar chatimah tovah!

Aleksander Salkin | $1,038.73

I first discovered Rabbi Tovia Singer's work when I was just 15 years old and it not only saved me from the spiritual turmoil I was in, but gave me a bold and confident path forward to become a proud Jew while encouraging others to do the same. His work is crucial for the many lost Jewish souls out there, and I'm glad to be able to support it! Shana tova u'gmar khatima tova lekulam!

Anonymous | A$112.60

Emma Sanchez | $109.35

Happy Rosh Hashana and meaningful Yom kippur Rabbi Tovia Singer.Hashem keep blessing you in your work for the Jewish people. Greetings from a bnei noach and a friend to Israel, blessings ans shalom.

Christopher Harrah | $1,038.73

I grew up attending church 5 times a week, memorizing scripture, and attending a strict southern Baptist school. I would never say that my upbringing was traumatic; because (like Joseph) if I hadn’t grown up the way I did, I would never have had the knowledge and wisdom to “escape” Christianity. I treasure my Judaism, I cannot imagine being any happier than I am now. You are truly Gd’s messenger on earth. You have a true “gift” for teaching ESPECIALLY to the evangelical Christian. Your knowledge of the New Testament and Tanakh is unbelievable. Please keep doing what you are doing.

Leonard Semmel | $747.98

Shana Tova! Keep up the good work.

John Hummasti | $18

Steven Pedersen | $37.69/M

Donald Jane | $104.15

I am a gentile who was trying to dig his way out of the the pit of Christianity in which I was born when I found you. Today I am a Noahide thankful for your help. If you could help me I know you can be of even greater help to Christianity's Jewish victims. Were I not on a fixed income I would donate much more. Thank you. Donald P. Jane

Stevie | $19

I was cut off from my people and have been desperately trying to return. (born Jewish but raised secular - it was terrible) Rabbi Tovia Singer is making my journey home much smoother. His words are honest and supportive. He's definitely a light for the nation. Thank you so much!


Rabbi Tovia Singer You are an inspiration that has turn my soul to the true G-o-d, Thank You. Not that is important; But what is your Plan to Combat this aggressive People That shouldn't be in the holy land at all, is there anything we can do in addition to donating, like mass email the headquarters of this terrorists missionaries.

Luis | $19

hansina | $104.15

Gd bless Israel, Shana Tova and thank you Rabbi Tovia Singer

Shiri | $105.19

Thank you Rabbi Singer! me and my husband have a youtube channel called : let's jewish. We are being attacked sometimes by these aggressive groups. I feel that the jewish community, secular and orthodox are not fully aware of how dangerous these people are. I wish that a small booklet would be provided to middle schools and high schools. (I've seen the one that Rabbi Kravitz published, it's very good but way too long for teenagers). All the best, Shiri