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Ben Wallace | $1,000

A kasiva v'chasima tova to all talmidim of Rabbi Tovia Singer. And may my grandmother, Leah bas Alka continue to remain in good, strong health and spirit.

Jonathan Friedman | $90/M


I'm so grateful for the amazing work you do. Please could you please write a book in Spanish? We need it desperately! Thank you so much. Shana Tova Umetuk√°!


For the merit of Gaon Rabbi Meir Nissim ben Kamana, shlit"a, may Hashem grant him a refuah shelemah.

Scott | $52.23

Thank you for doing this very important work!


As a former Pentecostal, I have learned...through Outreach Judaism...that the christian churches are infested with lies and deceptions. I will give every dollar I can, for the rest of my life, to see that these christian lies are shown for what they really are...a deadly tool to destroy Judaism. Keep up the great work, Rabbi Tovia. I will be with you every month.

Karen Leep | $104.15

Alberto Vera Jr. | $100


I was a Jewish believer in Jesus for 42 years. I decided to re-examine what I believed and for once in my life listen to what the Rabbis had to say regarding Jesus. All the Jewish missionaries would say "don't talk or listen to the Rabbis, they are against G-D". Thanks to watching Rabbi Singer's videos and reading his written material I came to understand that Jesus is not the Jewish Messiah. I now only worship the G-D of Israel, not Jesus.

Jerry Duci | $100

Thank you for all of the important work that you do.

Scott Hiles | $104.15

Thank you Rabbi Singer for your important work helping Jews return to Judaism and educating all to guard against the idolatrous teachings of the church.

Chana Sara Novitsky | $18/M

Walt and Michelle

Thank You Rabbi Singer for being a light! Your videos and books have helped bring us out of idolatry.

Santora Distribution | $52.23/M


stanley | $519.52