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Thank you for for using the gifting and talents from the Holy Spirit in your lives. You are a blessing from the Lord to me.

Simone | $130.11

I love your music and am so very grateful to you for allowing me to use your music for the Meditation Encounters which we have been running as a monthly prophetic online outreach event (on Eventbrite), using videography my voice and your music. The anointing is so powerful. People are drawn from any religion or no religion and are transported. The Holy Spirit is present and lives are deeply touched. We believe this will expand and there will be much fruit. Alberto and Kimberly you are so generous. Happy New Year much love Simone x


Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you and for being obedient to Him. I am daily blessed by your music. God bless you!

Deborah Lynn Salmoria | $52.23

We love you and we are for ever encouraged in your music and your devoted life. Thank you


May God's prosperity and blessings be an ever flowing river. You are a phenomenal utensil the Lord created for His glory and you are amazing people.

Bridget | $66.77

Maaike LAMSENS | $26.27

Hi blessers! Im also a prophetic worshiper, and Im blessed with your slunds of heaven! Mighty songs of worships!

Martha | $156.07

I'm so blessed by your music. You've been a favorite of mine for years. God bless you and thank you, you and your team.

Deborah Lynn Salmoria | $80

We love you and we pray for you always. You are a blessing to the church of Jesus Christ and to the kingdom of Jesus Christ. You are loved here in Rough And Ready California. Lynn and Kris


Thank you for using your gifts and talents from God to help me bring His Presence daily into my life.


Thank you for blessing our lives with your genuine worship, and obedience towards our Lord. Worshipping with you has been an increase in our relationship with God. You have sowed into our lives, and so, we want to sow into yours in return. Lots of love, blessings, and gratitude, from Greece. Eugene & Irene.

Deborah Lynn Salmoria | $20

We love you

Shirley Lasswell | $52.23

I love your music. It is so anointed. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit and helping others to enter into His Blessed Presence with Glory and Honor.

sixto torres | $5/M