Donor Wall (97)

Matthew & Hillary Hinge

Contribution toward the NW Arts Programs

Garrett Hinge

Contribution toward the Alpine Ski Team

Amanda Hinge

Contribution toward the theater arts program.

Kirsten | $250

For helping me become who I turned out to be- and to help ensure the same success for future alum!

Debra Seger | $100

Richard Smith

Barbara Dill and Richard Smith - proud parents!

Lee Carrier

Ring the Bell class of 2002

Nicole Chamberlain

Kimberly Mixer

Shawn George `73

Mike & Sally Ritchie

Proud grandparents!

Charles Morgan `52

Robert Bourgault `89

Kevin Lombardi ‘17

Friends and memories that will last a lifetime! Ring the Bell for Northwood!

Will Dexter '70

I feel so fortunate to be a part of the Northwood family. Wonderful community, experiences, education.

Fred Reinhart | $100

From Fred and Patty Reinhart....Parents of Rudy Reinhart ‘98

Chip Wallace

On behalf of our 4 Northwood grads, best wishes from the Wallaces!

Tim and Christa Loescher | $100

Elizabeth Spivak | $100

Elizabeth LaPier Spivak ‘95

Gregg Baxter | $250

Emily Baxter '09

Anthony Mauriello '05 | $1,000

Linda and Ralph Kendrick

Good luck and congratulations to the class of 2018

Marcy Fagan

Alums - Ring the Bell for Northwood!

Tanya Allyn Dillon '86 | $1,000

Northwood needs you class of 1986!

Chris & Peter Newcomb | $500

Katrina '87 and Rich Kroes

Bob Valentine '57

Kalen Griffin

The Albers