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Happy Birthday, Curt!!!

Russ Ketron

Together we make a difference.

Alice Bachelder

It has been a privilege to be both a recipient and a volunteer with Respecting Our Elders' brilliant project for reducing food waste and providing food for those who need it.

Tania Amochaev

I have so much respect for what you are doing. It’s such a win-win-win proposition and so much work for you.

Jim Sciaroni

Hi to RUTH from Jim Sciaroni - a man feeling blessed to meet you and to discover Respecting Our Elders - lets get together soon.

Anastasia sheldon

thanks to Ruth, we were introduced to this worthy cause at our Giving Thanks Party.

Linda Woodard

ROE makes a huge difference for those who struggle to meet their basic needs. Thank you for improving the lives of so many in Marin County.