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Sara Orton

Laura Gratz

Alan Brickman | $104.15

The Urban Conservancy is an essential organization in New Orleans, and a national leader! Dana Eness is one of New Orleans' nonprofit superstars!

Patrice Fisher | $104.15

We are so happy that we met you. You encouraged us to look around us and think about how we could modify our land and home to have less barriers to rainwater drainage. We love our True Grid driveway and sidewalks. Our rain garden is thriving and we even put in a rain barrel and rain chain. Now, when it rains, I can look out my window and watch the rainwater gently drip down my rain chain and slowly sink into the ground, making my new gardens happy. Thanks for encouraging us to study local plants. My camellias and Canna lilies love the rainwater and are blooming now. My daughter and grandchildren now have a rain garden, permeable paving, local plants and a berry garden at their home in Maryland. You never know where that seed that you sow will end up.

Sean Gerowin | $31.46

Ed Melendez | $104.15

Roberta Gratz | $252.92

Bill Ives | $104.15

Sara Orton

Sara | $259.92

Thank you for all aspects of what you do, but particularly your work on promoting the green sector economy.

Alexander Bollag | $26.27/M

Rachael | $15.89/M

A big thank you to everyone at the UC for all of your hard work and dedication to our city! You make it a better place for all of us!