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Vitalie Cataraga

With love from Moldova 🇲🇩, for this amazing newwave playlist ❤

Alejandra Villanueva | $41.85

Excelente curatoría radial. Gracias!

Anonymous | $6/M

Gracias por 21 años de música y amor! Hemos crecido con ustedes (junto a Paola y las niñas Isidora e Isabel) feliz aportaría más. Es lo que puedo de momento. Abrazos!

Cristóbal Lamarca | $70

Un humilde aporte desde Valdivia, gracias por el trabajo !

Jean L. Berthelon | $10.70

Stefan Schaarschmidt

Станислава Барышева | $5

Thank you for the amazing radio. It is a true gem! It's been with me through the most amazing and also depressing times of my life. All the best from Moscow, Russia

Marta | $5.50/M

You rock and deserve to continuing to rock for all time to come. Godspeed!


You guys Rock. My wife and I have been long time listeners.

Sergey Kalenik | $208

for excesses

Sergey Kalenik | $104.15

man where is all my favourites in your app? totaly gone and today is my birthday so i cant trow a party with nice music(((( how get my favorites back?

Bruno Bettati | $240

Tomas M. | $10

Wesley Wilson | $500

Loyal listener since the beginning

test testing | $4