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Anonymous | £120

Very well deserved and well trusted charity

Anonymous | £15

Anonymous | £120

So proud of the work your doing locally, its an honour to be connected to this charity. May Allah swt accept this In memory of our deceased loved ones.

Javeria | £15

May Allah accept all our efforts and make this a means for us to enter jannah. Ameen

Amreen Akhtar

Anonymous | £104.08

May Allaah accept this in this book of good deeds of our sister Tasneem Tamby Hawley, may the reward be multiplied and may she be given ease in her current place. Ameen.

Shani Karimabadi | £15.82

Zafraan Hussain

nigat zaman | £60


Keep up the fantastic work, and May you go from strength to strength ameen


May Allah SWT accept all your efforts Ameen Ya Rabb

Masarat | £45


Amjad Malik | £78.12

Susan Morgan

Great work, Ukeff

Anonymous | £15

Anonymous | £15