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      20.000 €


      Our goal is to raise money for to start a operative office here in Fuengirola.MA. Spain.

      Part of the funds will go to start an African operative office in Burundi. We are at the moment in:

      Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Benin, Malawi, Kenya and our home office in Spain that act as head office. 

      We will need 20 000 € to start up the operative operations in Africa and to build up an head office in Spain. 

      Project Africa The End  of Poverty is a copy of Swedish economy. Sweden went cashless for years ago. This affect that Sweden was the only country that was hyping during the European deep crisis. To print, register, count, secure, transport and distribute cash cost Billions.. 

      The 24 poorest African countries we will go in to has an GDP under 100USD/Month. The economy is as bad it can be but a cashless economy will bring the country where Project Africa operate in to a different level. Cashless will build economical trust to the country. Investors will open their eyes to invest in the country. Governments will for first time get a tax revenue from the 80-90% of the businesses that so far never paid taxes. This will bring a tax revenue that make it possible to finance a citizen salary of 100 USD for each adult citizen. This will end the poverty.. 

      We also want to work with inform refugees that come from Africa to Spain about possibilities to get back to their country and the risks to continue their trip or stay in Spain. Many come because the criminal groups that operate the refugee business told the people that in Europe wait own house, money, all their needs. The reality is crude and cold, many end up as slaves for criminal groups, prostitution and drugs that finally end of life. Many refugees life end all ready when pass the waters to Europe, and many before first year in Europe. We want to inform refugees before they leave their country and also stay and fight in their country. Problems can only be solutioned with people in the country.

      Project Africa is a complete independent organization that is not part of any world organization like UN,and not part of any political party or views, non ideology or anything else that may interfere in our work.  We believe that as independent organization we have bigger possibilities to negotiate with governments. We are not entering Africa for own benefits, not for to tell people how they should do or think or blame people for how they do things. We are in Africa for Africa, not for anyone else. Only your donation and spread our project can make our hard work reality. 

      Thank you for donate and support us.. 

      Project Africa

      C/Iglesia 58

      29640 Fuengirola.MA.


      Tax registration number: G93690279

      More at our website:

      We are an registered charity organization in Spain with tax number: G93690279