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Join the air seekers!

A collaboration Bruxsel'Air & Luchtpijp

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We know what's on our plate (more or less), we know what 's in our glass (more or less), but we don't know what's in the air we breathe (or very little).

In Brussels there are only 6 monitoring stations for PM10 and 5 for PM2.5. And on top of being quite imprecise, this information is difficult to access for the general public.

This lack of information is an issue for two reasons:

- Brussels citizens have the right to know the quality of the air they breathe.

- Our elected representatives also need precise data about air pollution in Brussels to better understand it and therefore combat it more efficiently.

Help us get a clearer picture!

By giving €31 you'll get a particle matters sensor that you can install at yours. The data you collect will then be added to this map and will help better understand and tackle air pollution in Brussels. These sensors will be distributed during meetings organised in Brussels. This will be a good opportunity to meet other air seekers :) Please note that the sensors can only be installed outside and need to be plugged in. More information about how to build up sensors.

Bruxsel'Air asbl (n°0694.828.717) is a non-profit organisation that aims to improve air quality in Brussels.