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I am a Public Speaker, Sensitivity Editor, and the Creator of Cuil Fiction.

While it would be awesome to get paid for every single gig, freelance and conference culture are such that it takes some economic privilege to attend most events. I've had quite a few offers to speak at several conferences and conventions, yet have been barred by lifelong impoverishment. Apparently, folks understand the need for the unique and varied topics that I speak on and teach; it's simply that the underlying community support to actually physically get me there is lacking. That's a systemic problem, but with an actual solution.

This is the ongoing fund to support my speaking career. Funds will go towards: travel, lodging, incidentals, and accessibility for speaking gigs, conferences, conventions, and other events. Building a sufficient Speaker Support Fund would also allow me to do pro bono appearances and workshops for the marginalized and impoverished. 

My minimum speaking fee for large events is $6000, because I am one hell of a bird and I have already passed my expiration date. I'd like to retain and replenish this amount so that I never have to worry about having to turn down or being unable to attend an event due to monetary reasons (health notwithstanding).

I exist. My labor, experience, and knowledge have value. You can help connect the dots between myself and the people who will most appreciate what I have to offer.