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    PMC 2670 has been revealed in spring 2019. Below you will find the details of the crowdfunding campaign. Assault Publishing Studio is a non-commercial undertaking, and we are doing everything to release a professionally prepared game free of charge. This is why we kindly ask you for donations to help us achieve that goal. We do not intend to earn anything from this project – and the law actually forbids us to.

    To make it clear, this is a donation campaign, not a pre-order campaign and no goods or services will be provided in return for this donation - you will not receive any pledge rewards. With your pledges, you're not buying anything – instead, you're supporting the development of the PMC 2670 rulebook, which will be released as a free download.

    You can donate any amount you wish, though to prevent fraud, the minimal donation is 3 EUR. We would like to encourage you to send small recurring monthly donations; you will not feel it in you pocket, and we don't need all the money at once. If you are not happy with our progress, you can withdraw your support at any moment.

    We will make project evaluation every month or two to show the progress and ajust the plan if needed. We have some additional actions planned and will inform you about them and their results as soon as possible.

    Update (08.07.2019)

    After the survey and some discussions we decided to use the exiting layouts with a little improvements, so there is not need of proffessional DTP - we can do it on our own. Also the proof-reading costs was reduced by half to initial plan (thanks Ignacy!) and we negoctiate the prices with different illustrators, so the budget can be cut to 750 EUR! At this moment the predicted costs of PMC 2670 project is 1000 EUR!


    Currently, there are four planned milestones:

    1. Proof-reading and editing – 120 EUR (reduced from 240 EUR)

    2. Professional DTP – removed (it was 410 EUR)

    3. Cover illustrations – 130 EUR

    4. Black & white page illustrations – 750 EUR

    5. Project promotion* – any excess funds

    * This includes promotion on the Internet, tiny competitions or even – if the donors will be exceptionally generous – a big premiere on one of the international conventions in Europe.

    The total quotes above include costs of predicted currency exchanges, as well as crowdfunding platform and/or Paypal fees.

    If we manage to accomplish any of the milestones cheaper than predicted, the funds will be transferred to the next milestone. We will move to another milestone as soon as the previous one is finished and the funds are gathered. The milestones can be adjusted depending on the progress of the campaign – but these changes will always be for the better, e.g. if we find that we gathered much more funds for illustrations, we will consider making them in full colour.


    The risk of this project is low. At the moment, we are working on a late beta version of the rulebook, which is almost ready for proof-reading. The lead designer is Marcin Gerkowicz, who has published a couple of rulesets before, both commercial and free ones. Assault Publishing Studio Common Association is an officially registered organisation under official control and working under strict legal limitations. The lack of a precise deadline means that the game will be released sooner or later and no cash will be wasted. The campaign is run on the Donorbox platform, which is sure and safe.

    Unless something really unpredictable/tragic, happens the game will be released as soon as possible.

    We will keep you informed about project development stages.

    Thank you for your support! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.