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Graz | A$21.24

Very handy, saves a lot of scanning Council DA applications


You provide a very valuable service.


Thank you for your valuable information. It has helped me when council hasn’t notified me what is happening near me. Greatly appreciated. Don’t stop.

Anonymous | A$16.01/Q

Thanks for you wondrous works! I used to be in Midcoast but now in Bayside Council Sydney

Suzie Deyris | A$52.36

Important to know

John Moses | A$42


Thank you for this very helpful service.

Anonymous | A$52.37

Great to know what happens close to home

Mark | A$52.38

Great service

Michelle | A$50

Heather | A$50

Thank you for keeping the community informed about developments

Aaron | A$9

Thank you for the good work.

Scott Charles | A$10.80/M

Steve | A$16.01

Thank you for a very worthwhile source of information so that as a resident I can see what developments are taking place in my town.


Planning Alerts is a really valuable service for our community in Spring Hill, Brisbane - thank you!

Kenneth | A$16

Blackburn & District Tree Preservation Society Inc.

Renzella Foundation | A$52.34