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My hero. You let me be and I became more than I knew possible. Thank you.

Dan Sterk | $52.23

Thanks for all you have done, Melissa! This monument is a great addition to a great Valley!

Barry Mainwood | $52.23

I commute to work on the Hank everyday via bike and feel so privileged to be able to ride it. Love the addition of the artwork.


I learned recently that my dad's first American job was with the Milwaukee Road, when he first came to Milwaukee from Mexico in the late 70s. I had no idea my family had this connection to the Road, and this beautiful monument means that much more now. Also, thank you to Melissa Cook and all she's done and continues to do for the trails - you rock!

Laura Mueller | $100

Cindy Angelos | $104.15

Judy Dollhausen | $26.27

Thanks for all your work, Melissa, not only at Hank Aaron Trail but also Lakeshore State Park and Havenwoods State Forest.


In recognition of the inspiring work done by Melissa Cook! Her work goes far beyond managing a fantastic trail, one our family uses almost daily in all seasons. Her efforts build community, connect people, and make history come alive in the valley & along the trail. Endless thanks for your leadership & vision!

Jill and Chris Maertz | $104.15

Cindy Angelos | $104.15

I was the Milwaukee Road's first female brakeman and conductor.

Peter Zanghi | $21.08

Marykay Ehleiter | $246.01

From your friends at Cargill Milwaukee

Ann Zientek | $104.15

My dad, James Komberec, worked as a conductor on the Milwaukee Road for over 40 years. My sister and I have many good memories of his railroad stories and friends.

Jean Gajewski | $104.15

I am donating in the memory of my late father, James W. Komberec, who worked for the Milwaukee Road for 40 years. He is still the only person I know who really, really loved their job.

Anonymous | $21.08

A wonderful addition to Milwaukee!