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    Urgent Passover Plea from Hebron, Israel

    Shalom from the Holy Land,

    I pray that this email finds you well.

    Approaching the Jewish Passover, I took the chance to visit the cave of the patriarchs in Hebron, where Abraham and Sarah are buried. These are the greatest people that ever lived, who devoted their lives in countering idolatry in their world.

    For thousands of years, the covenant that Abraham had with God is challenged over and over again. Jews had to suffer physically, being persecuted and murdered unless they become Christians. Today, a spiritual form of persecution is threatening the Jewish people - fundamentalist Christians are targeting Jews for conversion. They are not interested in physically harming us, but they want to rob the faith of Abraham from us.

    This is what the work of Outreach Judaism is all about. Your friendship and support made it possible for Outreach Judaism to combat aggressive evangelism in Israel. As we have shared with you before, prominent American missionaries are targeting Ethiopian Jews in a way that we never saw in the past. Imagine, tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews who resisted the Church in North Africa are facing missionaries in Israel! However, thank God, Outreach Judaism was able alert their leaders.

    These overzealous missionary groups that are descending on Jewish communities worldwide are unyielding and well-funded. Their fanaticism is fuelled by their outrageous belief that Jesus cannot make his “second coming” unless all the Jews are first converted to Christianity.

    I cannot stress enough how urgent this matter has become and how important it is for you to partner with Outreach Judaism in our struggle with these missionaries during this auspices time.

    With the help of GOD —only with His help—will we succeed in bringing our people home, in bringing light to the world. The only true Light true light is that of the Torah. “For the commandment is a lamp, and the teaching is light…” (Prov. 6:23).

    Help us bring our people home during the Passover redemption. Please consider giving generously from what God has given you to Outreach Judaism so that we can move ahead with our exciting programs.

    With your gift, I will be able to continue counselling lost souls, Outreach Judaism will continue operating in Israel and we will be able to continue broadcasting for free to spiritually-hungry audiences worldwide.

    With blessings for a happy Passover,

    Rabbi Tovia Singer

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