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I had much more fun at your Party than on any other „modern“ party. Was so looking forward to it this year. You‘ve got to keep doing this and making people happy. :)

paul lasky | 50 €

we very much hope you stay in business and hope to see you in 2021

Iain Denham | 40 €


Bruno | 120 €


Good luck!

Julie | 40 €

Hope you get enough to keep going! Great concept guys!


Love you and your team! Keep up the great work y’all. -Texas

Julian Lolk Annesen

Hope you'll make it so the dream may continue!

Cecilia | 25 €

Wish you guys all my best and I hope that you will survive and we will one day work together again. Lot's of love ⚔️


Due to my cancer journey I've missed your previous Calgary Shows but I absolutely must see one in the future. This isn't much but it's a start darlings, break a leg..the show must go on!


I love this show so much! I don't have much, but I really hope you can continue!

Marc M. | 1 €

A little party never killed nobody.

Anonymous | 1 €

Go Gatsby!

Marc M. | 1 €

Love the event.