Donor Wall (13)

Iain Denham | 40 €


Bruno | 120 €


Good luck!

Julie | 40 €

Hope you get enough to keep going! Great concept guys!


Love you and your team! Keep up the great work y’all. -Texas

Julian Lolk Annesen

Hope you'll make it so the dream may continue!

Cecilia | 25 €

Wish you guys all my best and I hope that you will survive and we will one day work together again. Lot's of love ⚔️


Due to my cancer journey I've missed your previous Calgary Shows but I absolutely must see one in the future. This isn't much but it's a start darlings, break a leg..the show must go on!


I love this show so much! I don't have much, but I really hope you can continue!

Joey Becker | 1 €

A little party never killed nobody.

Anonymous | 1 €

Go Gatsby!

Marc Metz | 1 €

Love the event.