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Hi Poala, lookin to get your recommendation on Russian method equipment please: What gauge needle? What drip/ml administration set? 500 or 1000ml iv flask from promolife? One word answers fine unless you wanna add anything. Just tryin to grab the gear before Klaus Shwab takes over the world. Thank you very much for all you do here you’re a brave woman.

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Will oxygen bar concentrators work? Compared to the units you recommend, they are cheaper, lighter, and claim to reach 90% O2 concentration at a1L/min flow rate.

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Question What is you opinion of the Simply O3 Cumulus glass Ozone Generator vs Promolife Elite Duel or Art single?


For your ongoing help with my original question on overdosing ozone through RI



Question - [email protected]


Follow up question lol


Quick Question and speedy healing for you!


quick question!

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Hi Paola, it will be good to schedule time with as per message. Thanks, Sergio

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Good Luck Paola, I wish you the Best!


You are extremely intelligent and you have outstanding experience and superior judgment. I greatly appreciate your honest evaluation of the potential benefits of Ozone Therapy and Other Therapies. When you research Clinical Studies and evaluate the collective significance of those studies, I thoroughly trust your assessment. So... I consider you a sort of National Treasure whose work needs to be collected, archived, and made available to everyone. It is heart breaking that your health issues are so serious... but the world has been blessed by the information you have shared in your search for better health. Another way of interpreting this is this: those of us who follow you have benefited from your exhausting efforts but we haven’t given you anything in return. A huge part of everything on the Internet is like this.... and there is injustice in this. I know I will greatly benefit from a conversation with you about Ozone and other therapies. I am looking forward to that conversation !!! Sincerely and Respectfully, Tomas

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I am excited about knowledge Let’s GO I have a medical grade machine and A ozone generator in my AC system

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I am returning customer. Couple years ago I already had the consultation with Paola. She helped a lot. I purchased Ozone therapy equipment so she helped me with the set up. Also, she consulted me how to use Ozone for my health problems. Recently my husband developed some issues so I am back to Paola seeking her advice.

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I wish you to be able to access this healing, with all my heart. Your help is so generous. You deserve to receive in return. All my courage in the meantime! I'll give you even more as soon as I get better and can make money too.

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Greatly appreciate your sharing of your discerning, experienced and hard won knowledge base, as well as your resilient humor in dealing with complex, chronic illnesses. Look forward to exchanging healing energy with you!!


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Wishing you a very speedy recovery!!! You are a warrior and so thankful for all you do!


Thank you for the web site and videos. I hope all goes well for your operation. I also donated earlier (same email) but forgot to put a comment. When you can, drop me an email :) All the best - Ray

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You’re information and videos have been so helpful! Thank you for all you do!


I wish I could donate much more. You are a beautiful soul and deserve healing. Wishing you all the best.