Donor Wall (27)

Anastasia | 270.29 €

Claudia & Stefan | £100

Gracie | £14.77

Sarah Beale | £52.15


This is the most incredible charity I’ve seen in my life. What a powerful thing to be able to do and something I’m ashamed to say didn’t cross my mind. But this is reality for so many tiny people and their families. This absolutely shouldn’t be a barrier for anyone. Nobody should have to make the heartbreaking decision to orphan a child because they simply cannot afford to feed them.

Shannon Sharman | £14

Great work for a very much needed cause

Gemma Wicks | £14

Amazing work! We need more charities like yours! X

Nadine | £14

Samantha | £56

Andrea Gough | £29.30

Great cause all mommas are amazing

Anonymous | £29.30

Fed is fed, regardless of whether it’s a boob or bottle delivering that vital milk. Supporting these ‘new’ mothers to keep the baby alive and well is a fantastic project.

Sarah Nadif | £42

Louise | £14

Thank you for raising awareness and for ensuring that all children can have the best start

Sinead Gilroy | £31.38

Anonymous | £14.77

Shardia Lowery | £14.77

Laura | £14.77

Sonia S | £56

Amazing what you are doing! I hope god watches over all these babies 🙏🏼

Jenna | £14

Thank you for helping to raise awareness and for enabling a platform for us to help these vulnerable babies. God bless them all.

Sarah Merrick | £50

With love from Cyprus

Jacqueline | £42

Got to hear about this through London Rock as part of the #givingtuesday double donation day.

Barry | £25

Sharon | £10

I live in the US but am a UK taxpayer and happy to donate to this wonderful cause. A friend in the UK sent me the link. These poor babies, abandoned by their mothers have the worse start in life.

Oliver Wood | £42

Great work all. From Matilda Rose

Hollie Edwin | £35

Georgina | £3

We were all little once and we all need that special someone to care! Happy to do my part!

Pamoja | £614

Transfer of funds raised from the Just Giving fundraising page.