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A rare opportunity to win a gorgeous art work for Tzfat

(Scroll to bottom of page to see paintings)

This is a real rare opportunity to own one of these exquisite pieces of art. From the unique work of the artist Ruth Knapp from Tzfat, we present a few of these gorgeous painting for you to possibly own. 

  • All you need to do is purchase a raffle ticket (Or a few tickets to better your chances to win)
  • The Raffle drawing will take place once all 75 tickets are sold or by Rosh Hashana (which ever one comes first) 
  • The Winner will choose one of the paintings below and we will ship the painting anywhere in the world!

All the processed from this raffle go to Atzmut Org. and your raffle ticket is 100% Tzedaka and tax deductible (In the USA) 

Please browse the paintings below. You can enlarge the picture by clicking on the image. In real life the paintings are 100 times more vibrant and beautiful.

We limit the amount of tickets per raffle in order to have a greater chance to win!

Forth raffle!

68 Tickets out of 85

purchased already


The winner for the 

Third Raffle is:

Donna Amira

Ticket number 3-4-2-1-1-1

"Dear Rabbi Anava, Artist Ruth Knapp and the wonderful Atzmut Staff,

Thank you for the gorgeous painting. I means so much to me. I see it as a  beautiful gift from Hashem, via the loving hand of Rabbi Anava,  encouraging me, like the tree depicted in the picture, to keep growing in my Judaism and Torah observance.

As I watched the raffle on the video, I was impressed by the transparency of the process. The raffle took place in real time, using a glass bowl and, after the winning number was chosen, Rabbi Anava read the winning number and showed it to the viewers. 

I really appreciate Rabbi Anava's devotion and caring for helping all Jews get closer to Hashem. His enthusiasm for his mission comes through on his videos and teachings. His YouTube Elul Teshuva Guide was very helpful as I prepared for this auspicious time on the Jewish calendar. Lastly, a huge thank you to the talented and generous artist, Ruth Knapp. You are amazing.

May Hashem Bless you all with a beautiful, wonderful new year full of health, happiness, prosperity, peace and the fulfillment of all your heart's desires.

I love you all and appreciate you and your work very much.


Donna Amira

We want to thank Donna for participating in the raffle and want to bless her to find her other half (Her Beshert) as soon as possible! You can contact us at [email protected] if you saw her future husband!


The winner for the 

Second Raffle is: 

Joe & Danny

Ticket number 2-4-2-1-2-0


The winner for the 

First Raffle is: 

Sophia Katz 

Ticket number 5-4-3-7-2-3

To: Rabbi Alon Anava/ the entire Atzmut organization:

Words cannot express how happy I was to receive this absolutely gorgeous painting!!!!
You are absolutely correct about it being much more beautiful in person!
Also, thank you Rabbi Anava for all your wonderful videos, I have learned so many valuable lessons from each and everyone of them!
You are a true inspiration to me!

This picture will be a reminder to me of all the wonderful things you are doing in this world, and that I can make a difference in someone’s life as well!

Thank you!

Sophia Katz


Your contributions to are tax deductible. is a 501 (c) 3 Tax Exempt Organization EIN Number: 81-3696357