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Absolutely wonderful to see more orangutans released! Fantastic work!

charlie | £104.06

Keep up the fantastic work!

Tuula | £52.14

Leysa | £20.99

Humans destroy but luckily they also have the capacity to care. It's only a shame rescuing these majestic beings is a necessity. I've written an eco-adventure book for children about the plight of orang-utans and the schools I've spoken to around the country have completely fallen in love with them. Thank you for the work you do every day. It must be hard to be faced with so much orang-utan pain.

Stacey | £5

Happy name day Aiko x

Fiona | £5.42

every little helps, sorry its not more x

Louise Lichtenstein | £10.61

Deborah Tyson

Thank you for the wonderful work you do


Linda Brewis | £52.15

You do an amazing job. Thank you

Suzanne Flanegan | £10.61

Love Orangutans so much ❤️🦧. Thank you for rescuing them, one day I hope to be able to do the same. Big hugs & blessings to you all, and big kisses to the gorgeous ginger babies 😘

Peter | £21

The work you are doing to protect these incredible creatures is totally inspiring.

Louise & Nigel | £10.61

Thank you BOS ❤️🦧

Helen Pocock | £200

This is from my partner, he NEVER EVER gives to charities, but the orangutans and the work you are doing for & with them, has touched him as much as me!!

Deb & Lian S | £100

Big love to you all - incredible work 💚🦧 🌳 from Deb & Lian - The Giving Elephant -

Paul | £35

Shirley Nicholas | £50

Thank you for caring for and helping these wonderful Orangutans.

Helen Pocock | £10.60

Keep up your wonderful work!!

Deborah Dee | £26.18


Lets protect orangutans together!

Theresa Searle | £5.41

Thank you all for the wonderful work that you do, for these Amazing Orangs.

Elizabeth | £31.37

Thank you for all the brilliant work that you do! 👏❤️

Liz Dryburgh | £10.60

Live free beautiful beasts

Miss Andrea Lane

Jill | £104.06

Thank you for your dedication to the preservation of these magnificent animals.

Helen | £10.60

Thank you for all your amazing work. Here is to the release of the next candidates.

Ted Odom | £5.41

Felicity Austin-Smith | £20.99

Ivor | £10.60

Good luck to all the released orangutans. May they stay safe and happy.


Thank you for all you have done for these wonderful creatures and may they all stay safe.