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Michael Peters | A$4.61/M

Open Australia joins the transparency and responsibility dots underpinning liberty

Stuart | A$104.30/Y

Vital service for a healthy democracy.

James B | A$50

Valuable service, much needed.

Anonymous | A$25

Thanks for easily accessible info; it's valuable and necessary for being an informed voter, given media has failed us and politicians don't want scrutiny and accountability.


Thank you for doing what the Media has for so long denied us . . . our democratic right to legislation visibility; we've been denied for so long. I'm glad to donate to such a good cause. So shocked about the level of voting by Liberal and Nationals that undermine Australians. Every Australian needs to read this website and search their pollie.

Kate | A$50

I have recommended this site to many people. It's the simplest and most revealing way to see exactly what our MPs and Senators are representing us (or not!). Thank you to all involved in the creation of this valuable asset.

Lou | A$208.11

John Frisken | A$50

This is an important service to keeping our politicians accountable to their constituents. Very heartening to know that people are committed to this cause.

Anonymous | A$50

Keep up the good work! You have our suppor!


Got the news about Andrew Bragg reps threatening legal action. Donating to support the Open Australia Foundation cause. Spend it where you need.

Cathy | A$25

Keep up the great work, I have recommended this site to so many people who have no idea how their local MP votes

Just TheFacts | A$10

This should be publicly funded.

Matthew Keightley-Sawdon | A$52.34

This is a very important service.


You're doing great work. Hopefully reforms are passed which allow more accurate recording of all votes in parliament!

Simon | A$50

Legal defence against supposedly liberal Liberals


thank you for all you do! Stick it to em!

Ben Appleton | A$1,038.84

Inspired to donate to support political transparency, after federal Liberals threaten legal action.

Nathan Lecompte

These are the kind of public interest infrastructure projects I'd love to see more of :)

ed leibrick | A$519.65

Keep going please. The people trying to shut you down will not win

Peter | A$25/M

Gregory | A$100

Cameron | A$52.36

Keep up the amazing work. It's a disgrace that Liberal pollies are trying to shut you down.


Keep what you're doing!

Alex | A$52.36

"Knights in Shining Llama" via the "The West Report" sent me. Thank you for your tireless work

Cameron | A$104.28

Thank you for all you do

Jackie | A$104.27

All who understand that real democracy requires transparency thank you for your voluntary work - especially for the record of voting of one’s parliamentary representative. And for trying to improve its accuracy despite lack of accurate data from parliament. The work deserves wide support from the voting public, and from honest parliamentarians.

Paul | A$50

Because of They Vote For You. Thank you.


Thank you for the work you do. Terrible that there's a push in federal parliament to strip you of your charity status when clearly you're working to make the actions of politicians visible to the people they represent - something that is so essential for our democracy to function. I support you. Thank you for your service.

Olivia | A$21.20

This is the transparency we need for Australia. Thank you so much for your dedication to a better Aus

Anonymous | A$104.28

Lots of love, Andrew Braggart and Dave Schwarma. Keep up the good work!