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Florian Lemke | $26.19

SUP TRIP | 52,04 €

Thanks for your great inspiration Gwen! Doing instead of talking, experiencing instead of thinking about, growing instead of standing still, and challenging the status quo! I came to see your project by accident and I'm amazed by the positive and lovely energy you already radiate within your pics, sentences and the trailer which shouts out for more. All the best for you! I would love to get to know in person and get a piece of your inspiration in person. Thanks for being!


Dear Gwen, you have been a very inspiring soul, already on our hitchhiking trip to the North Cape, and it seems it was just a fraction, just an appetizer, for something far bigger you have realized already and I don't have a doubt more will follow. It has been a pleasure to travel together and support you and your dream here! Lots of love and happiness, Sander

Simon | $52.07

Hey Gwen I love what you are doing to our world ♥️ stay how you are, you're awesome. I hope one day our paths will cross. Love Simon

David Leal | $21.01

Donating to her projects is like a investment in humanity.

Anastasia | 15,81 €

Als ich in Taiwan von deinem Film gehört habe hätte ich niemals damit gerechnet, dass du damit so etwas tolles in Bewegung setzt! Ich bin sehr froh über die Begebung, größter Respekt dafür und viel Erfolg auf deinem Weg! :)

Marika Markakos

I admire you, Franzi. For what you do. For who you are.

Dildeep | £20.94

You are an inspiration! Wish you success in your projects and hope you find your island with the coconut tree

Mohammad | $21.01

Mandy Schmidt | $20

Viel Erfolg weiterhin! Ich finde es wahnsinnig toll was du hier auf die Beine stellst. Grüß die Philippinen von mir ;)

Lea | 22 €

Istanbul Ablas forever <3

Helena | 250 €

Roman Ricard

Hey Du, Wünsche dir ganz viel Erfolg bei diesem ganz sicher wertvollen Projekt!

Mandy Schmidt | 20 €

Viel Erfolg!


Viel Erfolg Franzi, bin auf den Film gespannt :))

Jan | 50 €

Sehr engagiert und dabei macht es auch noch riesig Spaß Dir auf Deiner Reise zu folgen.

Oliver und Constanze Mayer/Kunert | 72,74 €

Sanaullah Marwat | $62.42

You are heading in right direction - all the support from Pakistan

TK | 10,63 €

Go Franzi! Safe travels :)

Johanna | $20

U are so gifted and I love ur beautiful ways of putting it out there! Every clip is a rich pleasure and i can’t wait to see the movie. Thank you for sharing!!

Ina Zada | $20

Timmy karter | 52,04 €

Every single person has the power to change the world and help people. YOU ARE THE PROOF OF THAT LARA !! THANK YOU 🙏

Van Trung

Keep it strong, du hast mein Support! 😊


Great goal! Greetings from Timo, HubSpot Office Berlin!

Rita | 52,04 €

Vielen Dank für dein Engagement :)


Love this!


Can't wait for the movie! Good luck and great project :-)


I can't wait to see the result! Sending you lots of love😘

Iulia | 20,98 €

Love the idea Franzi, can't wait to see the outcome!