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kelly maculan | $25

Gerald, may you continue to mold the minds of the many so that there may be peace for all. God Bless You and Everyone.

Gary Vogler | $50

I spent 75 months in Iraq working for the DOD between 2003 and 2011 - more than any other American. As the US Forces oil expert, I did not learn of the irregular/secret oil agenda of the Iraq war until after returning home. It took me awhile to wake up to what Gerald is saying about our war economy - he is right. I saw the destruction first hand in Iraq - no American would be supporting what our tax dollars are doing in the Middle East if they knew the true story.

Robert Carter | $50

Wage peace, resist war, prosper humanity!Thank you, Gerald, for your courage to promote such a humane cause.

chris | $25

Gerald I give because of your love for humanity,may you have a great holiday season!

Dean | $10

A great cause!