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Lisa Gewax | $104.15

The tornado occurred on the same day my favorite cousin passed away of cancer. I was devastated. I have already replaced many trees on our property including planting a maple in her memory. This donation should help one of our neighbors receive a tree. So proud of you for forming this organization!

Tara Stotland | $100

I am so proud to support Kids Luv Trees

MacFarlane Foundation | $25,000

Heather Twomey

What a wonderful project. I am saddened by the loss of so many beautiful trees in the area, and I am inspired by your action to do something about it.

Jerry Siedschlag | $26.27


Keith Carroll | $285.88

Annette Rutherford

Annette Rutherford

Mara Feldman | $52.23

Kathy Ross | $26.27

“On the third day, God gave us the gift of dry land and green and growing things”. Many are blessed by your being thankful for and your love for this great gift. Love, Mrs. Ross

Julie Linderman | $285.88

Awesome idea!! Happy to contribute and looking forward to the planting event!

Sarah Antonazzo

Great Idea 🌳

Courtney Corwin | $52.23

Benchmark Bank - Preston and Royal | $779.13

Tara Stotland | $50


Brant Landry | $1,038.73

Great cause, let's keep it going.


Mona & Artie Allen | $52.23

What a great sight to see you standing on Northaven- thanks for all you do!

Nancy and Ed Mello

Lower My Texas Property Taxes, LLC | $571.44

Kevin Mealia | $104.15

Awesome work you are doing!

Beth Chapman | $52.23

Thank you for all you are doing!!

Leslie Rose | $52.23


Fantastic - thank you!

Andrew Frank | $104.15

Such a great cause!

Chad & Robin Brister

Monece | $275

Way to go neighbors!

Melissa Griffith | $50

Great idea! Way to go, kids!

Barbara Allen | $30

Great idea.