Donor Wall (64)

David | £31.29

Roz Wilson | £52

🙏🏻Bless you all saving and helping these beautiful fur babies 💕

Sandra Dugmore | £10.59

Your efforts are just incredible. Happy to donate to this mammoth task. Good luck.

Paula | £20.94

Thank you for your dedication to this cause.

Bryony | £10.59

anne | £31.30

beautiful job done there , happy to help

Griseldy Román Rojas | £31.30

Eliza | £10.59

You’re all bloody marvellous ❤️

Joanna Collins | £517.84

Love your lifesaving work! X

Anonymous | £52/M

So very inspired by your work - dogs are our gods in animal form x

Clair | £52

Lucy | £15.77

So impressed with all the work you are doing for these beautiful animals

Jules | £31.29

Go Ellie and Hannah!!x

Meghan Reilly | £15.77

Samantha Brightmore | £31.29

Bella | £20.94

Well done for all your continued hard work and care you give so so many doggies!

Heather | £31.29

So heartbreaking to see all those suffering dogs, but so heartwarming to see you care for them and love each and every one.

James | £10.59/M

Great work and thank you

Carrie Pearce | £103.76

Incredible work!! What a wonderful cause xx

Emily Mercer | £10.59/M

Thank you so much for everything you’re doing ❤️


The work you do is amazing. Proud to support you all.

Joanna Collins | £517.84

Thank you for the wonderful life saving work you do! Joanna X


Thank you for all that you do for them! Love Sam

Emma | £5.41

Sandra Dugmore | £10.59

Your commitment is amazing. Looking at poor little Friday made me donate again to help with this challenge. Good luck.

Lisa Craig | £5.41

Get better sweet girl. You're loved by so many who don't know you.

Laina | £31.29

Well done for The incredible work that you do 🐶🥰

Isabel | £52

Congratulation for your work, your spirit, your commitment

Anonymous | £5.41

You all work so hard and there are no words for how amazing you are. Thank you for helping all the precious animals x

Kim O’Mallon | £31.29