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       "Mickey's Diner" 

      Artist, Amy Clark, Almanac 2015


      In 2007, Kimberly Nightingale launched the first volume of the Almanac. As an editor who had worked in the publishing arena, Nightingale observed established practices that block the influence and participation of BIPOC communities and other communities encountering inequity and inequality. According to a survey of 70 American and Canadian publishers, the publishing industry is 79 percent white. Therefore, images and stories meant to reflect our communities are often shaped and packaged according to the dominant culture’s miseducated perceptions. 


      To counter harmful editorial practices, Nightingale created the Saint Paul Almanac’s Community Editor Apprenticeship. This project introduces the publishing world to those seeking a career in the industry or wanting to learn editorial skills. The apprenticeship is the only program in Minnesota that is designed to be community focused and to teach an equity-focused editorial process.  The apprentices come from wide-ranging backgrounds that span age, ethnicity, language, gender identity, and socio-economic status. Experienced community-based editors teach the apprentices to develop editing and writing skills, to identify an authentic voice, and to assess artistic quality. Our dynamic community-based anthology, the Almanac, is created through this unique editorial process.    

      Kimberly Nightingale and Dan Tilsen, her husband, devoted endless hours and many resources over 15 years to realize Kimberly’s fervent vision. Overtime, they built a regenerative Saint Paul community institution that is beloved and deemed necessary. Now our communities have a room of our own, where we create—where we tell and share stories that breathe and have meaning to us. 


      To help us retain the free spirit of our community editing and community storytelling, please donate today to The Nightingale Tilsen Legacy Fund.  


      During our year-end campaign, November 18 to December 18, 2021, give a gift of $100 or more and receive a complimentary copy of Volume 13 (scheduled to launch in October 2022) and a Saint Paul Almanac canvas tote bag. 

       Community Editor Kemet Egypt Imhotep with

      Publisher Kimberly Nightingale, Almanac 2015.

      Aracata Press (doing business as St. Paul Almanac) is 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. Contributions are deductible to the full extent of the law.