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Emma Macdonald | C$60

Long live Arthur!

Bill Templeman | C$25

Thanks, Arthur, for continuing to continue. More than ever, independent journalism matters.

Annette | C$25

I love Katie 20% of the amount of Clara loves her and 19.8% of the amount Michael loves her.

Anonymous Donor | C$100

Another fantastic Gala! ... those commercial breaks though.

Robert Hailman | C$250

Local journalism matters!

Michael | C$126

I love Katie Pedlar more than Clara <3 <3 may she live to be 126 years old

Eliza | C$40

Sarah | C$100

Love the great stories and art!

Laurel Pirrie | C$75

Much love to you all. Very looking forwards to asserting my Peterborough-ness at all who entre my house and gaze upon those lovely maps.

Lauren | C$75

Women loving women loving Arthur

Ayesha | C$100

F*ck yeah Arthur!

Miranda | C$25/M

You are stars. I am awed and humbled to watch you shine. Keep it up!

Eric Grimm | C$5/M

Independent commentary and critique are crucial in any attempt at accountability. I can't imagine a better start than supporting this at my old Alma Mater! Great work.

Nadine Changfoot

I <3 <3Trent arthur. Continue your strong and independent journalism! Power to you!

Clara | C$125

I love katie pedlar <3 <3 may she live to be 125 years old

Firma | C$100

Good work!

Dominique Di Libero | C$10

yay for independant journalism!

Dane Bland | C$15

As a proud Arthur alum and continued reader, hope this helps!

Zachary Ruiter | C$25

congrats on this initiative

Karol Orzechowski | C$10/M


Stephen Ginley | C$50

Keep up the great work!!

Alissa | C$25

Leina | C$55

55 years of ARTHUR @ Trent University, still going strong!


Jenn | C$25

Support independent media!! Keep up the amazing work!

Nicole Boere

The Staveley-Watsons | C$25

Media Literacy Matters!

Meg | C$130

Anonymous Donor | C$100

Tim | C$25