Donor Wall (16)

Bojang Kaira Kunda resort

Doing the good job. Really needed.

Emma | £15

Amazing work you guys do , thank you

Rick Ball | £10.61

Was there 4 weeks ago and the lifeguard at New Bailey warned me about the rip tide that day . Grateful for that . Then the stairs of the watchtower were washed away in a storm so it’s a great cause and money needed to rebuild it

Mark Steel | £52.15

Lorraine Drakes | £21

Afri Cola | 52,18 €

Camara Gardens

Good luck guys, will be great to see you on Brufut beach, from Camara Gardens -Brufut

Glen | £104.07

My friend Darren Teague can not speak highly enough of the work you guys do on the beach. I hope you all stay safe and we send our love from England 🙏🏻

Charlie Walker | £10

Great work!

Danny | £26.19

Well done Teaguey

James Hammond | £10

Dean Cox | £21

Ali | £21

Good luck with raising the money. These watch towers help save lives.

Darren Teague | £31.38

This is on behalf of my friend Kim who kindly gave me the donation towards what you amazing guys do!! Can’t wait to be back training with you again soon. Darren



You do a wonderful job