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Dawn Hutchinson | $104.15

Kirstin | 200 €


I was touched by the documentary and the amazing human beings who take care and protect of the national park and its inhabitants with their life. Love from Spain.

Amanda Lamari | $156.07

So much love and thanks to the amazing park rangers who protect and care for these amazing animals on this special piece of planet earth. Humanity needs people like you all around the world x

J Sarich | $259.92

Thank you for your selfless acts of compassion and conservation - you are true heroes!!!

Nitya | $21.08


Watched the special on Netflix, have been a supporter of your cause since Diane Fossey died for this cause...Never will forget her beloved Digit... Praying for healing, and preservation of your beautiful Park, and to the great humanitarians particularly the Park Rangers who are risking their lives...You are a piece of a puzzle we cannot lose...And to Emmanuel de Merode ...I cannot praise you enough for your courage, and your love for this world..We need more people like you...To thank Andre Bauma for his devotion...Hurtful to see what huge Corporations can do to dissolve humanity...without conscience...without love for life....Long live Virunga National Park !!!!

Jack Marty Sophie | 31,42 €

Un piccolo pensiero per ndakasi


I was moved by the National Geographic's story about Ndakasi and the dedication of the people who work with them.

Kathy Griffin | $1,000

Thank you for doing the important work that you do. Kathy G.

Catherine | $104.15

We are so glad you are there.

Terra Tane | $52.23


In loving memory of Ndakasi, Ranger Emery, and for Andre and all of your brave tean who fight each day to keep our earth family safe. You are all so loved and appreciated.


Rangers, "Thank you" seems too small a gratitude for the dangerous, hard work you do to protect our planet and animals.

Jeanine/ Tobi | 21,04 €

Megan Zeutenhorst

Thank you for all you do, please keep up the fight.

Lyubyy | $52.23

Thank you Ndakasi and Andre.


Rest In Peace Ndkasi 🖤 much love to Senkwekwe staff and Virunga rangers


Thank you for all the amazing work that you are doing saving the gorillas and all the live in Virunga National Park. You are not only saving them your saving the planet. Thank you for your work and courage.

Jon and Niki Gossard | $104.15

We are deeply moved by Ndakasi and Andre and send our most heartfelt condolences.


I found her story heartbreaking - I am so glad that she had Andre Bauman by her side. My few words do not express the depth of my feelings of shame for the human race that causes such needless suffering.

Yvonne Neblett | $31.46

Heartbroken over this news

Rita | £38.65

With love and compassion ❤

alex | $52.23

I would like to donate a gift of money to this ranger and his family that took care of Nadakasi. Could you please send me his e-mail address or a location where I could give this wonderful man a small gift of my appreciation. Thanks


“I am not special” - spoken from ranger in Virunga movie… humbling and harrowing work to preserve what is truly special and enduring - fauna and flora.

Anonymous | $52.23

Sorry for your loss. And keep up your great work, sadly, us humans have a lot to answer for.

Caroline | $41.85

In loving memory of Ndakasi. You will be missed...


I so admire you, the work that you do and the wonderful beings that you love/support. I wish I had more to give; I wish I was there with you. Many Blessings on all of you. I am spreading the word!

Nancy | £10.61

Thank you for helping these beautiful animals. So very sorry to hear the sad news about Ndeze. What a wonderful man Andre Bauma is. I totally agree with him that we should do everything in our power to protect gorillas.

Sheila | $36.66